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Tub Replacements

Whether your tub is the focal point of your entire bathroom or just one component of a more elaborate layout, at some point it will need to get a bathtub replacement. You can have a tub replacement as part of a partial or full bathroom remodel, and the team at Striking Remodels by Bell can help with the transformation.

We have been providing high-quality home remodeling services in the Denver area since the early 1950s, and we can help you choose a new tub that will give you the bathroom sanctuary you deserve.

Benefits of Getting a Tub Replacement 

Getting a tub replacement Denver can change the whole dynamic of your bathroom. Whether you have scheduled a full or partial bathroom remodel, adding a new tub will also add a lot of personality that makes it uniquely your own. Here are some of the benefits of having a new tub installed in your home:

  • Improved décor and a more visually pleasing aesthetic
  • Greater comfort and relaxation
  • Better utilization of available space
  • Better functionality with no maintenance to worry about
  • Increased home value

Finding the Right Tub Replacement For You

All tubs are not the same and finding the right one for your budget, space, style and long-term goals takes some thought and planning. Here are some of the most common to consider for your tub replacement:

  • Standard Alcove – This is the most basic type of tub, and while it’s not fancy, it is convenient and will get the job done.
  • Whirlpool Tubs – Strategically placed jets provide a relaxing, spa-like experience to ease aches and pains.
  • Soaker Tub – These come in a variety of materials and are designed with seats for relaxing, deep water soaking.
  • Corner Tubs – These are common in bathrooms that are less spacious so you can have a quality tub and still have some space to move around.
  • Traditional Claw or Ball Feet – Freestanding tubs that have four feet designed to resemble claws or balls.
  • Contemporary Freestanding – Flexible tubs that can come in various shapes and sizes to match a wide range of designs.
  • Combination Tubs – Features can be added within the tub, such as jets, or added as different showerhead options.
  • Walk-in – These tubs have a door that enables you to get in easily, without having to raise and lower your legs. They are common for seniors or people with certain physical limitations.

Reasons to Choose Our Denver Bathtub Replacement Team

When you choose the team at Striking Remodels by Bell for your Denver tub replacement, you’ll be well on your way to having the ideal tub for your space. We have been operating as a division of Bell Plumbing and Heating in the Denver area since the early 1950s, and have a reputation for superior design and installation and exceptional customer service. Here’s what to expect when you work with us:

  • Conceptual modeling and visualization of your project
  • Dedicated designer for you and your project that will help guide you through the process
  • Skilled craftsmen that have gone through background checks and been drug tested
  • A+ BBB rating for decades
  • Certified Aging in Place consultants for homes that require age-related modifications
  • Organized work areas where trash is cleared away every day
  • Protective coverings around work areas so your belongings remain safe

When you need a tub replacement in Denver or the surrounding area, schedule a consultation with our experts to discover what we can do for you.