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A stylish interior is one element that makes your home a place you look forward to spending time in every day. Well-executed interior space planning can make a world of difference in how you experience your living space. And personalized interior design is a great way to showcase your own personal style.

Luckily, with Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell handling your interior design project, you can be assured you’re getting the best Denver home interior design. The team at Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell are experts at helping you express your style and our designs are collaborative and elegant!

Not sure what Denver interior design style is best for your home? Our experts will guide you to make the best choices. Simply schedule a free consultation at 303-731-1266.

Custom Denver Interior Designs

We have quite a number of amazing interior design solutions for a wide variety of architectural home styles. You can choose a design direction that resonates with your preferences and reflects your personal style. Consider traditional, modern, mountain modern, rustic, or your own eclectic style. We’ll help you find a design that suits your personality from our large image database of Denver interior designs, then our design experts will sit with you to determine the best interior design for your kitchen, bathroom, or home office.

Typically, we like to ensure that our clients get not just the best interior designs, but one that agrees with their personality and reflects their taste. We are more than happy to help you make the best selections. Whether you’re looking to remodel a sleek urban condo or classic bungalow, want a stylish feel for your home office, or are looking for something most fitting for your rustic mountain cabin, our local Denver interior designers have got you covered.

Things to Consider for a Custom Denver Interior Design

Overall space planning: start by determining the best configuration for your room. Often times homeowners find that their kitchens have become outdated and they want to open up the space. Often times this involves taking down walls, reconfiguring work triangles, and rearranging cabinets and counters. Your interior designer can help you find the perfect layout to make your kitchen new again.

Design theme: Find a designer who can help you select the best look for your kitchen, bath, or home office. You’ll want to browse through images of a variety of design styles to find one that suits both you and your home architecture.

The fixtures and finishing of the space: the fixtures and finishing of the room go hand-in-hand with the overall design theme to ensure they are complimentary. Some finishes are well suited for classic design styles, while others are perfect in a contemporary setting.

Colors: The colors of your interior will typically be factored in by the design style you choose. This means that you need to select a design that matches your personality. Colors that make you feel happy when you are surrounded by them.

The portfolio of the interior design company: Before choosing a local Denver interior design team, you need to review their past work and feel comfortable that they are experienced enough to handle your project. Particularly if you have mobility issues that require particular expertise to plan around. Here are some questions to ask when you meet with your local Denver interior designer:

  • Can you provide reviews or references? This way, you can talk with a client who’s worked with the designer before.
  • Do you have a design preference, or can you work with any design style?
  • How long will it take to design my home interior, then finish the remodel?
  • How will you stay within my budget?
  • How do you bill or charge for your services?

Your budget: Considering that your budget will ultimately determine the expenditure on your home interior design, it makes sense to create a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. Know where you want to splurge, and where you can cut back.

The space plan: This is perhaps the most important factor to consider, as it will affect how your new space functions. Be sure to choose a design configuration that suits your lifestyle, personality, home, and taste. Whether your home is a large single-family, or your condo has a 300-square feet space, our local Denver interior design team is always ready to help design your kitchen or bathrooms. It can be a little tough to create a cohesive look that suits your style, but no need to worry, because that’s where a local Denver interior designer like Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell comes in.

Building code: The local building code of where your home is located is also very important. To save yourself from the headache of worrying about details of the local building code or not, you should work with an experienced local Denver interior design team. At Striking Kitchen & Bath by Bell, you can trust our expertise and rely on our years of experience serving Denver, CO residents.

Working with Our Denver Bathroom Remodel Team

At Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell, we will assign a dedicated interior designer just for your project to guide you through the process. The designer will help you distill your ideas and point you in a solid direction. Show you 3-D drawings of your new space. Guide you through the material selection process. And work with you to ensure your satisfaction through the full remodel process.

We offer a full-service design/build remodel experience. All of our Craftsmen go through background checks and are drug tested to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Other benefits of working with us include:

  • A+ BBB rating for decades
  • Conceptual modeling and visualization
  • Certified Aging in Place Consultants
  • Protective coverings are installed around work areas to safeguard your belongings
  • Clean and organized work areas with trash cleared away daily

Got more questions about our local Denver interior design services? Reach out to us today.

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