Office and Laundry

Office & Laundry

Looking to make your work space work harder?

Your home office and laundry room are the workhorse of your home. Why not make them functional AND beautiful? Our Denver Designers will show you how.

Your work at home sanctuary.

If you’re looking for home office design in Denver, look no further than Striking Kitchen and Bath. As home offices peaked in popularity, we’ve found some innovative ways to make your work-at-home space more comfortable, practical, and beautiful. Exploring home office trends is a great way to find out what you’d like for your own office. You’d be surprised at the unique and productive spaces that designers have come up with. Here are some of the top trends for home offices that might inspire you.

Flex Spaces

For those who don’t have dedicated space in their home for an office, flex space is the next best thing. This is a nook in a room, whether permanent or not, where you can get some work done. These are usually small chunks in rooms that are otherwise very flexible as to what you’d use them for, such as kitchens and living rooms.

Dedicated Spaces

Dedicated spaces are exactly as they sound, closed-off rooms where you can have a more private home office. You might repurpose a workout room, spare bedroom, attic, guest room, or another space into your home office. This gives you better separation from work and your personal life.

Storage Trends

The space that you choose for your home office will dictate the kind of storage systems that you need. In a flex space, you might need small, portable solutions that will allow you to still use the space for its other purposes.  Cabinets, shelves, and closets make great storage areas.

Productive Colors

While you may be tempted to keep your home office in the same modern beiges you see for many living rooms, don’t be afraid to add in some colors to make the space more alive, welcoming, and create a mood that will get you ready to work. Home offices are small spaces where it is easy to experiment with bold colors and eclectic styles. This is especially true if you have a dedicated space.  Use the colors that make you happy and productive.

How can you make laundry fun?

Let’s design you a space that has all of the bells and whistles.

Get a little crazy

Most laundry rooms are compact, and out of the main traffic zones. You can keep it in sync with  your home decor, or you can make it bold, fun, and splashy. This is a chance to use your favorite colors that you might be hesitant to use in larger gathering spaces.

Start with appliances

Your washer and dryer are the stars of this room. Select the perfect appliances for your family needs and work around them. Are you stacking them to maximize work space, or using pedestal, front load beauties to minimize body strain?

Create some work surfaces

Once you pull your clothes out of the dryer, you’ll want space to fold, hang, or iron. Shelves, rods, and flat surfaces will do the trick. And if you really want to do it right, add a deep laundry sink for clothes soaking or pet bathing. For the really big pets, a dog-washing station is a great addition to your laundry space.

Top if off with storage

Let’s face it, the laundry room can sometimes be a catch all for household necessities. Consider what you plan to store in your laundry room, then create the cabinets and storage to house them. Brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners. Laundry soap, fabric softener, dryer sheets. Extra linens and towels. Maybe even coat storage, a boot bench and backpack pegs.

Striking’s home office and laundry room design Denver will help you plan the ideal spaces for whatever work you need to do at home.