Turn Your Bath into a Luxurious Space
December 06, 2021

Turn Your Bath into a Luxurious Space

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home. You’re in it every day, and you might as well enjoy the space. Luxury baths are popular this year, and there are many ways to increase the opulence and comfort of your bathroom.

At Striking Remodels by Bell we have some insight on the latest luxury trends this year, and we’d like to share them. Here are some ideas you can use to create a luxury bathroom in your home.

Focus on Flooring

Believe it or not, the floors you choose make a difference in the luxury level of your bathroom. Soaking in a tub staring at a beige linoleum floor isn’t giving anybody spa feelings. To make your bathroom a home spa experience, focus on luxurious flooring. Heated wooden floors, sophisticated white tile, and natural stone floor styles are all very on-trend right now.

You can also add accents to your floor to infuse color and warmth to your luxury bathroom. Consider rugs and decorative tile.

Make it Bright

Lighting and color go a long way to inspire sensations of luxury in the bathroom. Nobody wants to soak in a tub in a dimly lit room.

The more natural light you can let into your bathroom, the better. If you only have a single window in the space, make the most of it by adding a mirror on the opposite wall to the window. This reflects the natural light back into the room, creating the illusion of an extra window.

Choose light paint colors, as white reflects light better than darker shades. You can also infuse more light into the space by adding overhead lighting, or a lighted mirror.

Size Matters

Luxury means having space to breathe, even while bathing. Nothing says opulence like a big clawfoot tub or a double stand-up shower.

When thinking of luxury bathrooms, size can make a big impact. Even if the space you must work with is small, you can fake some semblance of a big cozy bathtub by choosing bath designs that reflect old-world elegance. Go for a soaker tub over a tub shower combo, and add a double sink and mirror.

Consider Accessories and Amenities

Sometimes luxury isn’t in what we see, but in what we feel. Special features in your bath, like a rain ceiling, jetted tub, and steam shower create the illusion of a spa retreat.

Depending on the size of your bathroom and your budget, you could add additional amenities such as a sauna.

The activities you can perform in your bathroom area to not only prepare for the day but relax and unwind, are really what makes it a luxury. Why dread your morning routine, when you can enjoy every moment of it with the best spa amenities right in your very own home.

Choose Opulence

Luxury baths are outfitted with opulent design features. It may seem overboard, but sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact, and adding rich accents to your room will give you a sense of luxury every time you go for a soak.

Some examples of opulent bath features include:

  • Chandeliers – Small crystal chandeliers evoke feelings of wealth and whimsy. They also add brightness to a room as light reflects off each crystal, casting colors and light onto the walls of your bathroom.
  • Plush Carpet – Carpet in the bathroom seems outrageous but choosing a small tasteful square of plus carpet in lieu of a standard bathmat will give the room a lushness you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Vanity Mirrors – Go all out with your bathroom design and choose a lighted vanity mirror over a plain-looking glass. Extendable makeup mirrors also add to this opulent effect.

One of the great things about this design concept is that while it transforms a room into something rich and glamorous, it doesn’t always cost a lot to accomplish.

Keep Colors and Accents Natural

Spa trends have taken a turn toward the natural beauty of the world outdoors. Bringing a little nature into your bathroom will make your bath experience a luxurious spa-like space.

Some ways to enhance the nature-like appearance of your bathroom include:

  • Plants – Bringing hanging and standing plants into your bathroom provides a calming natural effect. You can choose between living or synthetic plants depending on your time for upkeep.
  • Wood accents – Adding wooden accessories to the bath and countertops, such as bamboo soap dishes or wooden bath trays, will leave you thinking about the wonder of nature as you soak in the bath.
  • Color scheme – One way to bring nature into the room is to choose accent tones that conjure images of forests, rivers, meadows, and streams.

Luxury isn’t always about how much a room costs to put together. Sometimes it’s about the way the space makes you feel. Natural design features will have you feeling relaxed and invigorated.

If you’re interested in learning more and live in the Denver area, we invite you to contact Striking Remodels by Bell today.