Will a Whirlpool or Air Tub Fit into My Bathroom Design?
February 05, 2015

Will a Whirlpool or Air Tub Fit into My Bathroom Design?

Remodeling a bathroom involves a lot of tough decisions, but it?s worth it knowing that you may end up with the bathroom of your dreams. For some homeowners, a dream bathroom is simplistic, easy to use, accessible, and easy to clean. For others, the dream bathroom is complete with all of the luxuries of a five-star hotel. No matter what your vision for your bathroom consists of, a qualified remodeling contractor can help to make sure you meet your goals, provided you have the budget and the right amount of space.

Spa equipment has risen in popularity for bathroom remodels over the years, with homeowners adapting whirlpools and air tubs that were once reserved for hotels and spas right into their own home bathrooms. However, one of the key features of these tubs is that you can lounge around in it, which means they take up quite a bit of space. Unfortunately, not every home is suited for this type of installation unless the homeowner is willing to make some major renovations.

But with many bathroom remodels, a whirlpool or air tub is a possibility, given enough time and the right expertise. Installing a whirlpool tub involves installing a frame first, as your tub is only walled in in one or two areas. A contractor may decide to reinforce the floor as well. The technician may extend the plumbing and should make sure that there is a GFCI outlet available for the pump. The pump and the water piping are usually located on opposite sides of the tub. These steps involve a high level of difficulty, as well as tools and materials that a contractor should already have on hand.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your new bathtub or shower fits into your new bathroom design is by calling an expert for remodeling services. Remodeling contractors can help you with every step of the process, from planning, to sizing, to delivery and installation of cabinets, pipes, sinks, faucets, fixtures, tubs, and shower doors. Contractors will double- and triple-check their work to make sure your new installation will fit in before it arrives.

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