Why Should I Replace the Plumbing in My Bathroom During a Remodel?
December 15, 2013

Why Should I Replace the Plumbing in My Bathroom During a Remodel?

If you are planning to remodel the bathroom in your Denver home to give it a fresh look, then you should also consider tying it together with another job: replacing your bathroom?s plumbing as well. There are a couple of reasons you should have both done at once, which we?ll go over in this post.

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Here?s why you should replace your plumbing along with your remodel

  • You won?t have to hire two separate companies to handle the work. If you do it at once?and you can find a company that handles both remodeling and plumbing?you won?t have to worry about two contractors failing to coordinate their work with one another.
  • Doing the remodeling and the plumbing replacement at the same time gives you more design options for the bathroom remodel; no need to have to work around the plumbing fixtures!
  • It?s an excellent time to eliminate outdated pipes, such ones fashioned from galvanized steel, with pipes constructed of modern material like copper and PEX. The pipes will be exposed anyway because of the remodeling, so you can take advantage and upgrade to more durable, flexible piping.
  • You can save money with both jobs done at once by the same contractor. The remodelers will expose the pipes to make it easy for the plumbers to access them, and the coordination will make the process go speedily. You won?t need to pay a plumber later to rip out your furnishings so they can get to the plumbing.

Striking Remodels by Bell can not only provide you with both remodeling and plumbing replacement services for your bathroom; we even do kitchen remodeling! We also provide special needs accommodation bathroom remodels as well, if you now have someone in your home who needs special assistance. You?ll find all these resources under one roof, saving you time and money.

Let Striking Remodels by Bell take care of your Denver, CO bathroom remodel and plumbing replacement.