Which Type of New Kitchen Countertop Is the Best?
November 18, 2014

Which Type of New Kitchen Countertop Is the Best?

A kitchen remodeling simply doesn?t feel complete unless it includes new countertops. Replacing older counters is a cornerstone of giving a kitchen a completely new look and feel. But countertops are more than decorations. They can also improve the function of your kitchen, making it easier to clean, and even increase its hygiene. Choosing the right new kitchen countertops in Grant Ranch, CO is one of the most important decisions you will make during your remodeling.

You won?t have to make the choice alone, however. Quality remodeling specialists will make the job easier. We have an extensive showroom that will help make the choice even simpler, since you will see exactly what sort of countertop materials we offer and how they look and feel. We have an enormous selection of the top brands in countertop construction and design.

But which type of countertop is the best?

There is no simple answer to this question, because it depends on your situation. We can discuss in some more detail the options you have and their advantages:

If you have a limited budget, you should consider a laminate countertop. These are sometimes referred to as Formica counters, which is one of the most popular brand names. These counters can resemble solid stone, but at a lower cost. They are easy to clean and maintain, and will fit almost any decor plans you have.

For pure attractiveness and beauty, solid granite and natural stone countertop are among the finest options. They come in an enormous variety of finishes, and their durability and stain-resistant qualities makes them especially attractive. If you are aiming for an upscale kitchen remodel that will add maximum value (as well as style) to your home, solid stone is one of the best ways to go.

Tile countertops remain popular, and are easy to have installed and custom designed to fit into any kitchen look. They are a bit harder to clean, although larger tile designs will alleviate this. Tile is a good alternative to laminate countertops if budget is a concern.

For high-use kitchens and people who love to cook, the composite countertop is a fine choice. These counters are popular for commercial kitchens because they resist heat and scratching and also inhibit bacteria. They are also simple to clean. If you are an entertainer when it comes to food preparation, a composite countertop may be ideal for you.

Look to Striking Remodels by Bell for your kitchen remodeling

If you want the best kitchen remodel possible, make an appointment with Striking Remodels by Bell. Or pay a visit to our showroom. When it comes to new kitchen countertops in Grant Ranch, CO, we have the wide selection you need. We carry Swanstone, Arizona Tile, Corian, Formica, Hanstone, Cambria, and many other top brands in kitchen countertops.

When you come to Striking Remodels by Bell for kitchen remodeling services, we will offer you numerous options for new countertops and help you find the right one.?