Where to Spend Your Money on a Kitchen Remodeling Project
February 19, 2014

Where to Spend Your Money on a Kitchen Remodeling Project

If you have recently decided to breathe some new life into your home through transforming your kitchen to a brighter, more up-to-date place, then you have probably set aside a budget for the project. The big question is how best to allocate your available funds to where they will do the most good.

This is where hiring a contractor with many years of experience and who offers a variety of services will make your life much easier. The right remodeling service for your kitchen remodeling plans will help you find the place where you need to focus your time and money so you?ll end up with the exact kitchen you?ve envisioned. It may come down to some hard choices, but with assistance you will most likely make the right choice.

Here are some general tips about spending remodeling money, courtesy of our staff at Striking Remodels by Bell.

Here?s Some Places to Invest Your Remodeling Budget

  • Pipe replacement: This sounds mundane. But it?s a place where you can save money and free up your kitchen design. If you have older plumbing or have encountered numerous repair needs, take the opportunity when the pipes are exposed to have a plumber replace them. It?s an excellent investment, since new copper or PEX pipes will last 50 years or more. Your contractor should help out making the choice as to whether pipe replacement is a good idea.
  • New faucets and fixtures: Faucets are small parts of a kitchen but they are 1) crucial for it to work, and 2) key points in the design. It?s amazing how much new and attractive faucets on sinks can enhance the look of a kitchen. They can make it a more efficient and effective place too, with better water flow and water pressure. This is a smaller investment than some improvements, but can mean as much as all the other new components.
  • New countertops: Now here?s one of the bigger enhancements (compared to faucets) that can make a remarkable difference. The right material and color countertop added to the kitchen?s design will elevate the fresh feeling of the new construction. Adding in new countertops is often an arduous process when done on its own, but as part of a redesign it becomes far easier. Ask your kitchen designer if he or she can do a custom cut of the material that will work best for you.

Let The Designer Help You

Make sure that you hire a contractor who handles different services so he or she can help you find the places where you should target your budget to get the most from the remodel. In Parker, CO, kitchen remodeling from Striking Remodels by Bell will give you many options: we have our own showroom where you can examine your choices and decide where you want to invest your money. With many decades of experience, we are one of your best choices for kitchen remodeling.

Call Striking Remodels by Bell today and let us help you get started with your next kitchen remodeling project in Parker, CO.