What to know before starting a bathroom remodel
May 23, 2024

What to know before starting a bathroom remodel

Planning ahead for your bathroom remodel project can pave the way for a smooth process. The Interior Designers at Striking Remodels by Bell have some great tips to help you through the steps.


The best thing you can do before you get the remodel process rolling is to establish a budget. What is the maximum amount you are willing to spend, and how will you address unexpected issues? Homeowners are often surprised that simple, minimalistic designs aren’t more budget-friendly. To achieve a beautiful minimalistic look, the detail needs to be precise. To achieve no seams in stone, for instance, means buying oversized slabs. Be realistic about a budget to match your design style.


Bathrooms typically involve plenty of tilework. Unless you’ve done tiling before, and done it well, don’t try to do it yourself. Laying tile evenly and creating straight grout lines is an art. A tiler who expertly plans tile layouts to ensure the placement of cuts and grout lines is worth every penny and can save you money in materials.

Design Style

Even if you have a tight budget, with planning, you can achieve a striking design. If you include at least one wow feature, it can distract from other more economical design decisions. Oversized cabinet door and drawer handles can add a touch of drama. Exciting light fixtures can also demand attention and add personality to the space.


Perhaps the most important thing to understand before starting a bathroom remodel is the timeframe and process. At Striking Remodels, we start with a complimentary design consultation and estimate. From there, we delve into detailed space planning, design, and material selections. Once you approve everything, we order all materials. Materials will arrive at our warehouse at differing schedules. When everything has arrived and has been reviewed for accuracy and quality, we can begin the process of deconstructing your existing bath. This process, perfected over the last 75 years, keeps your disruption to a minimum.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel in 2024, contact the experts at Striking Remodels by Bell for tips. We offer full-service remodeling or design-only options. Call today for a free design guide.

What to know before starting a bathroom remodel

  • Hire an experienced professional
    At Striking Kitchen and Bath by Bell, we’ve been remodeling Denver-area homes since 1950. We’ve created a design-build process that ensures all the details that go into a home remodel are covered so that you end up with the results you want, on time, and on budget.
  • Improve livability and functionality with a better design
    Did you know that not only does a remodel improve the livability and functionality of your kitchen and bath, but it can also increase your home value? Ask us which remodeling projects offer the best return on investment!
  • Use best practices and on-trend materials
    We start with a Complimentary Design Consultation. Understanding your goals, wish list, and budget is a great place to start. Our degreed Interior Designers will share best practices and style guides to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Measure, Measure, Measure
    It’s all in the details. When you are ready to move forward, your Designer will meet you at your home, measure the space for a perfect fit, and even share 3-D modeling so you can see just how amazing your new space will look!
  • Properly prep and plan onsite for the work so avoid mis-orders and overtime
    Once all your materials have been ordered, checked, and inventoried, we can start the deconstruction stage. This allows us to minimize the time your home is in the remodel process. Before we begin any deconstruction, we’ll have a preconstruction meeting at your home to ensure all questions are answered.
  • Fall in love with your new space
    Don’t settle for less than perfect. Once the work is completed, we’ll do a walk-through to make sure aeverything is done according to our stringent specifications. They only thing left for you to do is fall in love!

Call today to schedule your complimentary design consultation and we will send you a FREE copy of our introductory Design Guide e-magazine to help you navigate the remodel process and give you GREAT ideas for the perfect design style to suite your taste!