What to Keep in Mind When Remodeling the Kitchen Countertops
February 13, 2015

What to Keep in Mind When Remodeling the Kitchen Countertops

Everyone loves that part of kitchen remodeling where you get to pick out the different options for your new space. The vast number of options, the beautiful materials, the sea of color schemes, it?s all so exciting. This is the part of the remodeling process where you don?t have to worry about logistics or any of the other nasty details involved with such a project. Instead, you can just enjoy picking what will look good. Or can you? In actuality, there are several things you should consider beyond just what looks good. If you don?t take things like weight, cost, and maintenance needs into account, you may end up being unhappy with the result. Let?s take a look at the considerations for one of the biggest parts of kitchen remodeling: countertops.


Granite is one of the more common high quality countertop materials, and for good reason. Granite is a beautiful, natural stone, and each counter will have its own unique look. It also happens to be really sturdy, able to stand up to things like knife scratches remarkably well. The downside to granite is that it?s incredibly heavy. If you plan on having granite counters installed in your kitchen, you need to make sure that your cabinet boxes are capable of supporting that much weight. If not, you?re going to have a very unpleasant surprise when your beautiful countertops crush your cabinets flat. Granite is also porous, being a natural stone. This means that it can stain if you don?t have it sealed every once in a while.


Ceramic tile is a good choice for people who want a really pretty counter, but don?t want to deal with the hassle or expense of something like granite. Ceramic tiles are light, fairly resistant to heat and nicks, and easy to repair. If a tile becomes damages, you can just replace that one without having to worry about the rest of the countertop. The downside is that tile is not a uniform surface, which can make some kitchen activities, like rolling dough, a bit difficult. It can also develop mold and other bacterial growth if not kept clean, just like the tile in your bathroom.

There are many, many other kinds of counters available for kitchen remodeling, each with their own pros and cons.

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