What Kinds of Wood Species Are Used in Home Remodels?
September 23, 2015

What Kinds of Wood Species Are Used in Home Remodels?

When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, there can be infinite choices for fixtures, flooring, etc. If you prefer wood fixtures, there is an abundance of choices of wood types ? so many that it can be very hard to determine which is the right choice for your new remodel. Here is a general overview of different wood species and how they are typically used:

  • Almond wood ? this type of wood has a reddish appearance and very nice striations. It is used frequently in high-end cabinetry.
  • Apple wood ? apple wood is used frequently for inlays and marquetry designs because it has a wide range of color, from pink to yellow to orange, as well as irregular grain patterns.
  • Ash ? the ash species of wood is used in a lot of furniture, like tables, because it is a very heavy, solid wood.
  • Beech ? beech wood has very nice, even grain markings and comes in a range of color from light to moderately dark.
  • Cedar ? available in warm tones, cedar is lightweight and insect repellent, making them great for closets.
  • Cherry ? cherry is a versatile wood, with a range of wonderful warm reds and browns and light grain. It?s used frequently for cabinetry and various types of furnishings.
  • Chestnut ? this type of wood can range from warm and light to very dark. It has great grain markings for cabinets and tables, but it can be prone to splitting.
  • Hickory ? when it comes to cabinets, hickory is a popular choice. It tends to be pretty light in color with clear and attractive grain patterns. It is very hard and stiff, so it can be hard to work with.
  • Maple ? despite maple syrup being quite dark, maple wood is actually quite light. Great for cabinets and table or vanity tops, maple wood can have very unique grain striations and is resistant to abrasive wear.
  • Mahogany ? a very heavy wood, mahogany has a fine grain with interlocking parallel runs; the color can be blood red to reddish brown.
  • Oak ? oak is very versatile, used for cabinetry, furnishings and vanities. It is usually in lighter, warmer tones and can have very beautiful, unique grain markings.

Wood cabinetry, furnishings and flooring can add warmth and beauty to your home in Denver, CO. If you need help choosing which type(s) of wood species to fit with your kitchen or bath remodel design, give us a call today!