What Are My Options for Sink Mounts in My Kitchen?
June 15, 2015

What Are My Options for Sink Mounts in My Kitchen?

It wasn’t too long ago that sinks were just, well, sinks. These days, sinks have become almost like pieces of art, as well as being functional. However, if you don’t understand how a sink you like will mount, i.e., be placed in your kitchen and meld with the countertops, you can have a big problem on your hands. To help you navigate the ever-widening field of sink options for your kitchen remodel in Denver, CO here is a quick overview of the different kinds of mounts you can choose from:


One of the most common types of mounts, the undermount sink gives a seamless look to your kitchen space, particularly the countertop, because you can?t see the lip of the sink. Instead, under-mount sinks provide a straight, steady line across your counter space. Undermount sinks are particularly popular with granite countertops but work with many other types, too. They can also have multiple bowls, and come in several types of metal, including stainless steel and copper.

Farmhouse aka Apron

A type of sink that has become very popular as of late is the farmhouse sink, also known as an apron sink. This type of sink usually has a large basin but its distinguishing feature ? the apron on the front ? gives this type of sink its appeal and charm.


Surface-mounted sinks, commonly known as drop-in sinks, are the type of sink that drops into the pre-fabricated hole in your countertop. These sinks come in a wide range of finishes and sizes to accommodate many kitchen styles.


If you are looking for a sink type to last for ages, or a type of sink that offers a wide range of colors, you’ll want to look at a composite sink. Made from a mix of materials that make it resistant to scratching, burning or chipping, composite sinks come in a choice of mounting, making them very applicable to many kitchen remodeling designs.

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