Trends You Should Explore for Your Home Office
September 08, 2021

Trends You Should Explore for Your Home Office

Home offices are more popular than ever in Denver and that means that there has also been more focus on ways to make them more comfortable, practical, and beautiful. Exploring home office trends is a great way to find out what you’d like for your own office. You’d be surprised at the unique and productive spaces that designers have come up with. Here are some of the top trends for home offices that might inspire you.

Flex Spaces

For those who don’t have dedicated space in their home for an office, flex space is the next best thing. This is a nook in a room, whether permanent or not, where you can get some work done. These are usually small chunks in rooms that are otherwise very flexible as to what you’d use them for, such as kitchens and living rooms.

Dedicated Spaces  

Dedicated spaces are exactly as they sound, closed-off rooms where you can have a more private home office. You might repurpose a workout room, spare bedroom, attic, guest room, or another space into your home office. This gives you better separation from work and your personal life.

Storage Trends  

The space that you choose for your home office will dictate the kind of storage systems that you need. In a flex space, you might need small, portable solutions that will allow you to still use the space for its other purposes.  Cabinets, shelves, and closets make great storage areas.

Productive Colors  

While you may be tempted to keep your home office in the same modern beiges you see for many living rooms, don’t be afraid to add in some colors to make the space more alive, welcoming, and create a mood that will get you ready to work. Home offices are small spaces where it is easy to experiment with bold colors and eclectic styles. This is especially true if you have a dedicated space.  Use the colors that make you happy and productive.

Try colors that are relaxing and can help you focus: like deep blues and forest greens. Or, you could go for energizing colors that will help you wake up and get to work in the morning, like pinks and oranges.

Daylight and Plants  

How do you bring that rejuvenating sense of nature into your home office, particularly if you used to bike or walk to work and got your dose of vitamin D that way? You might want to incorporate lots of natural light in your home office. There’s even evidence that natural light is better for mood and productivity than artificial light.

When you have natural light, it is also easier to add plants to your office space and tap into their natural mood-boosting effect. Consider adding window plants, tall plants flanking your desk or cute desk-top plants, all depending on how much room you have.

Natural Materials

When you’re in your home workspace one of the main advantages is that you can divorce yourself from the concrete and plastic materials of the office building world. Treat yourself to natural materials that are comforting, textured, and vibrant. Add wood paneling to the walls or choose a real wood desk. Add in seating with natural materials like cotton, wool, linen, and other fabrics to soften your space.

Collector’s Items

Another great aspect of working from home is that you can incorporate treasured keepsakes that you otherwise might not find appropriate for the corporate office. Add shelving and bring in handmade art and memorabilia. If you don’t collect anything, consider adding colorful art, books, or decorative objects.  

Closet Technology

Struggling with too many wires and other electronics? Designers have taken to putting whatever technology can be hidden away in the closet of home offices. Routers are a good example. There can also be shelving for wireless devices that you don’t always need, like headphones, iPads, and perhaps your work-specific technology.

Lounge Space

If you have clients that come into your office, then it is essential to have some kind of lounge space for them, like a couch or a chair. Even if you don’t see clients, you may want this space for yourself. Think of it as your mini breakroom. A good spot to sit and take a quick break without re-entering the busy world of your home.

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