October 23, 2023

Trends in Cabinet Layouts

Purposeful Design

Designing a new kitchen or bathroom starts with how you live in the space. Cabinetry plays a significant role in not only how the room looks aesthetically, but also how well it organizes your activities and tools. Today’s cabinets accommodate homeowner’s wishes for better organization, more storage, and easy access to your most used gadgets.

Colors and Finishes

Cabinets are no longer single style or single finish focused. And because cabinetry makes up such a large part of the room, Designers and homeowners are getting creative. Here are some trends in cabinet colors:

  1. We’re seeing a return to dark stained wood cabinetry in the kitchen, which works as a counterbalance to saturated colors.
  2. Two-toned cabinets bring depth, intrigue, and subtle variation into your kitchen. Black and white cabinets are a classic combination while other popular choices include blue and white, grey and white, and green and white.
  3. Bright colors like yellows, oranges, reds, and even purples are all becoming more popular as homeowners look to add a pop of color to their kitchens.
  4. Blue is a perennially popular paint color and has been named Benjamin Moore’s color of the year. Using subtle shades of blue is a lasting kitchen cabinet trend.
  5. Gray continues to be a favorite paint color for walls and cabinetry alike.
  6. Natural wood finishes are still a favorite, whether used throughout or paired with other materials like metal.


Architectural design inspires interior design. Design styles include, among others, transitional, traditional, modern, mountain modern, and rustic. You can find cabinet styles to beautifully complement any design style you’re after.

  1. Stained glass cabinet doors are making a comeback as homeowners seek to add a touch of elegance to their kitchens.
  2. Glass-front cabinet doors create display space for collectibles and elegant glass and dishware.
  3. Open shelving offers a lovely alternative to upper cabinets and can give your kitchen an open feel.
  4. A two-tone look allows you to pair a modern kitchen cabinet with a traditional design.
  5. To add vintage, traditional, or cottage flair to your kitchen cabinets, utilize custom trim.
  6. Add a contrasting Island to break up the design.


Unique cabinetry hardware will play a key role in personalizing the space. It can quickly accentuate the design style you’re after. Statement hardware can be new, retro, or repurposed from antiques to give you the look you’re craving. You can also find unique antique knobs and pulls at vintage stores and flea markets. Get creative.

Storage ideas

Better organization is a primary reason we see customers embarking on a remodel project. Today’s cabinets include many storage options like pullout trays, bread boxes, spice racks, and cookie sheets. Here are some of the MANY cool trends in cabinet designs:

  1. Drawers with electrical outlets to charge your small electronics.
  2. Appliance garages that keep your favorite appliances out of sight, but well within reach and already plugged in.
  3. Cabinets dedicated to K-cup storage.
  4. Pull-out shelves for anything from large pots and pans to trash and recycle bins.
  5. In cabinet hooks to hang pans and lids for easy use.
  6. A bathroom vanity grooming rack to keep all of your bathroom accessories handy but hidden.

If you are looking to update your kitchen or bathroom, contact the design and construction experts at Striking Remodels by Bell. We offer full-service remodeling as well as design-only options.