Top 3 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Help Fuel Your Ideas
March 06, 2014

Top 3 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Help Fuel Your Ideas

If you?re tired of an old kitchen that offers nothing but a humdrum spot for food storage and preparation, a remodel can not only revitalize it, it can energize your whole house. You now have more options than ever before for remodeling. Where once you could change the material and finish of the cabinets and add more efficient appliances, today you have many hot design ideas to alter every aspect of your kitchen.

Here are popular remodeling trends we often see today. Contact Striking Remodels by Bell today to find out how you can ride these trends in kitchen remodeling in Aurora, CO to your dream kitchen:

  1. Sculptural range hoods: Why not break away from one of the blandest of all kitchen fixtures? Stove range hoods usually look like nothing more than cabinet overhangs above your stove with a single light and a fan. But designers have taken steps to make stove hoods both useful and ornamental, using treated glass, stainless steel, plus features like spice and utensil racks. These new hoods also have superior light and venting power with quieter operation. The right model can become the central feature of your kitchen?s remodel.
  2. Designer dishwashers: What? Yes, they exist, and they?re trending now among kitchen remodelers who want to give their customers the next level of functionality and appearance. Dishwashers with cabinet fronts make them helpful to the overall look of your kitchen without the distraction of a large, basic appliance. These dishwashers can also come with drying storage or extra space allowing for cleaning of up to 20 place settings. There are also compact tabletop dishwashers that fit right beside your sink.
  3. Custom countertops: You can do amazing things with custom-designed countertops that take you beyond standard slabs of bland stone or wood. Not only can you have material with a look and finish that gives your new kitchen the right sparkle and polish (stainless steel, sealed concrete with glass embeds, soapstone, numerous types of wood), but you can also add features like cutting boards and butcher blocks.

The amount of options you have today for a kitchen remodeling in Aurora, CO can turn dizzying. Instead of seeing your kitchen remodel as a chore, you can make it joy where you express yourself in ways impossible only ten years ago.

You will still need to work closely with an expert remodeler to match up your kitchen design ideas with the practical aspects of plumbing and construction. An excellent remodeler will provide you with more ideas that will help you toward the perfect kitchen at the end of the design and construction phases.

Striking Remodels by Bell offers professional remodeling services in Aurora, CO, and handles all aspects of kitchen remodeling. You can start your design adventure in our extensive showroom. Call us today to arrange to turn your bland kitchen into the superstar of your home.