Tips for Installing a Bathtub
February 07, 2014

Tips for Installing a Bathtub

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, or if you are designing a new bathroom, one of the key installations you?ll want is a new bathtub. However, because we are far removed from the clawfoot freestanding tubs of yore, bathtub installation is a complex process. You have more models and features from which to pick, and you can?t simply set up the tub on your own. You should have bathroom remodeling professionals involved to help you from the moment you decide on a new installation.

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Here are some tips for your bathtub installation:

  • Choose the right design: There?s a reason the old freestanding tubs went away: they simply don?t look attractive in modern bathrooms. If you have the right contractor for your installation, you?ll have the help necessary to find the look and material for your tub that will fit how you envision your ideal bathroom. Select a finish, material, and fixtures that will enhance the bathroom, making the bathtub more than just a functional object.
  • Choose the right features: If you had a standard bathtub before, now is the time to take advantage of new technology to make your bath more relaxing. You can have water jets, hydro massage tubs, or even a walk-in bathtub installed. Your new bathtub can become an enhancement in your life that goes beyond simply making you clean.
  • Choose the right installers: Shoddy installation can lead to disaster with a bathtub. Insufficient sealing, poor plumbing connections, and improper placement can lead to a bathtub that causes damage to your bathroom. If you hire the right contractor from the beginning of the installation process?someone who will help you select the right model?you should have a smooth installation that gives you the functionality and beauty you need.

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