Things You Need to Consider When Installing New Flooring
January 18, 2017

Things You Need to Consider When Installing New Flooring

It?s always exciting to remodel part of your home, even if it also tends to be more than a bit stressful. If you?re finally replacing that old lime-green shag carpet in the bathroom, or installing hardwood in your entry hall, there are a lot of different things that you need to consider. Installing new flooring involves more than just picking a material you like (though that should certainly be part of the process). Let?s go over some of the things that you need to think about when installing new flooring.


Different flooring types are designed for different locations and environments. This applies both to climate, and to the location of the home you want to install the new flooring in. An obvious example would be carpet. You probably won?t ever find a carpeted kitchen, because people don?t like having to shampoo it every time they spill something while cooking. You probably also aren?t going to want stone floors in your bedroom, unless you really want to get that medieval castle feeling (and you don?t mind freezing your feet to the floor in winter). Consider the room that you?re installing the flooring in, and what kind of activity that room is likely to see. That should play a big part in your decision-making process.


Believe it or not, your flooring can have an effect on the effectiveness of other systems in your home. For example, radiant heating systems are very dependent on wood or stone floors in order to be effective. If you have carpet installed throughout your home, and you have a radiant heating system, the system will actually be less effective at heating because the carpet will insulate it rather than transmitting the heat into the room. Talk to a professional about possible interactions between your flooring and the rest of the home.

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