The Steps of a Major Kitchen Remodel
September 23, 2014

The Steps of a Major Kitchen Remodel

A Major Kitchen Remodel? Sounds a bit intimidating, doesn?t it? We won?t fib to you: performing a comprehensive kitchen remodel is a significant job that requires a large amount of planning and effort to complete. The good news is that most of the planning and effort falls on the side of the professional remodelers. If you have hired a contractor with experience and who is capable of handling all the various services, you should not encounter any major troubles on the way to realizing your ideal new kitchen.

Hiring Striking Remodels by Bell for your kitchen remodel in Littleton, CO is the best first step to take. We offer comprehensive remodeling, from the pipes to the cabinets. We will help you design your new space exactly as you want it, and then execute the remodel with skill and the best materials available.

Below is a brief outline of the steps of our remodeling process

  • Our remodelers give you a complimentary one-hour design consultation when you contact them.
  • A remodel administrative assistant schedules a free in-home estimate.
  • During the in-home estimate, an estimator gets an overall sense of your home?s decor, makes initial measurements, talks to you about any specific needs, goes over mechanical issues, presents design ideas, and explains more fully the remodeling process.
  • After any necessary research, the estimator presents you with a budget estimate for the remodeling for your approval.
  • You pick out products you want from our showroom, and we order them. At this point, we provide you with a tentative schedule.
  • We handle acquiring all the necessary permits.
  • When all ordered products arrive, we provide you with a firm schedule for project completion.
  • The week before work starts, you will have a chance to meet with the remodeling team at the jobsite to go over any additional details.
  • The ordered products are sent to your home, and the installation crew lays out the workspaces necessary for the job.
  • The actual work starts with necessary demolition, followed by rough-in and product installation.
  • The last work is finishing, such as cabinets and countertops.
  • When the work is completed, we will give you any necessary training for the new equipment that has been installed.
  • And you?re done! Enjoy your new kitchen!

Throughout the process, Striking Remodels by Bell will maintain close contact with you and monitor all the work. We will make every effort to protect the rest of your house. Bell employees will handle all of the work (with the exception of the installation of glass and granite, which we allow the fabricators to handle to protect the product).

With the Striking Remodels by Bell team behind you, you can expect to have an excellent kitchen remodel in Littleton, CO that matches all your expectations.