The Importance of Having Enough Counter Space
December 09, 2015

The Importance of Having Enough Counter Space

One of the top reasons homeowners remodel their kitchens is due to a lack of workable counter space. Without enough counter space, your kitchen can be highly dysfunctional. You don’t always need a bigger kitchen to expand counter space, but you do need excellent planning and designing. Let the remodeling pros from Striking Remodels by Bell help you design and install the kitchen you want and need in Denver!

Why Counter Space Is Important

Here are the top reasons why it is important to have enough counter space:

  • Food preparation chopping, cutting, coating, rolling all of these cooking activities need room. If you don’t have it, you may find yourself struggling to even make the basics in your existing kitchen. Let us help you design and remodel a kitchen that meets your food preparation needs.
  • Counter space on either side of your stove today’s kitchens are designed with at least 18 inches of counter space on either side of the cooking area of your kitchen (stove, range, etc.). This space is very important for placing bowls and other implements you need while cooking a meal. Not having this counter space can make cooking challenging and awkward.
  • Eating space many homeowners today like to have enough counter space for a breakfast bar area. This requires creating enough space for the appropriate amount of overhang so that stools can supply the necessary sitting space.

Consider an Island

One great way to add extra counter space to your kitchen is by adding an island. You can add a stationary island or a mobile one. These types of islands are great for food prep and can also help add some much-needed storage space to your kitchen.

Theres no need to struggle with a kitchen that is short on counter space when the remodeling experts from Striking Remodels by Bell are just a phone call away!