Bathtub inside the shower with a modern Bathroom Remodel Denver
May 20, 2024

The Growing Trend of Tubs Inside the Shower

The Interior Designers at Striking Remodels by Bell spend many hours each month perfecting bathroom designs for clients. They also spend many hours following trends. Trends in color movement, material innovations, and design direction.

Designer Rebecca Loeck has been working with customers who have fallen in love with the notion of placing their bathtub INSIDE the shower. “I see homeowners moving toward elegant primary bathrooms that favor beauty and functionality,” says Loeck.

Bathroom Remodel Denver showing Bathtub in the Shower

Consider the following reasons that support this growing trend of tub in shower designs:

Space Saving

If you want a separate tub and shower rather than a tub/shower combo unit, you’ll need plenty of floor space. If the shower is designed to serve as a walk-through to the tub, you save space while also creating a beautiful oasis.

Water Proofing

Let’s face it. Both kids and grown-ups alike have been known to splash water out of the tub now and again. If your tub is inside the shower, any splashing heads right onto a water-proof shower floor and straight down the drain. If you’re showering, the tub deck is an ideal spot to perch your leg while shaving. If you’re bathing, no need to worry about drying off before you get out of the tub.


A tub inside your shower has several convenience advantages as well. Handheld shower heads can be available for easier rinsing of yourself, a child, or a pet. An overhead rain shower head will also provide a quick post-tub rinse-off. A barrier-free shower leading to the tub is ideal for accessibility.


Clean-lined tubs are often difficult to waterproof because they don’t have edging that connects the tub and the wall. Placing it inside the shower allows the entire tub area to be waterproofed and simplifies the design.


If you’re interested in exploring a new bathroom design, contact the experts at Striking Remodels by Bell. Our degreed designers provide complimentary design consultations and resources to help you get the space you’ve been dreaming of. Offering design only or full-service bathroom remodeling in Denver.