The Advantages of Vessel Sinks
December 12, 2014

The Advantages of Vessel Sinks

When you choose to have an upscale remodel for your bathroom, one of the key decisions to make is what type of sink you want to have put in. For many decades, sinks came in a limited number of styles: pedestal sinks (one of the oldest types) and basic undermount and overmount sinks placed into cabinets. You probably have an undermount or overmount sink in your bathroom right now. But sink styles have become more diverse for contemporary remodeling jobs, and you have numerous options from which to choose when it comes to working with your remodeler.

We wish to draw your attention to one of the most popular bathroom sink design concept: vessel sinks. These sinks are among the many types that we install in Arvada, CA for bathroom remodels. Striking Remodels by Bell handles all the tasks in a remodeling project under one roof, from early deigns to the basic plumbing and electrical installations. We can help you realize your ideal new bathroom, including sinks that combine an attractive look with great functionality.

What makes vessel sinks such superb additions to residential bathrooms

A vessel sink resembles a free-standing bowl placed on a counter or cabinet, with the faucet and handles set into the wall above it. The bowl isn?t actually moveable; the drain attaches to the underside, and vessel sinks are as permanent as any standard undermount or overmount sink. The difference is in appearance and the variety of materials.

Simply put, vessels sinks look great. They have a striking design that people immediately notice. How often can you say that about a bathroom sink? Sinks are usually discussed as boring and utilitarian, but a vessel sink can appear like a work of art if properly selected and installed. They give much more than a ?touch of class? to a bathroom; they become a centerpiece.

And vessel sinks come in an enormous variety of materials, which sets them apart from most other sink types. Among the materials available for vessel sinks construction are copper, granite, stainless steel, porcelain, and glass. Installing a vessel sink also opens up the different kinds of materials you can have for the countertop. This provides you with twice as many creative options for bathroom design. You can have vessel sinks and counters that create a rustic, old-fashioned feel (copper bowl, wood counter) or the sleekest and most modern look (etched glass bowl, polished black granite). The possibilities are virtually infinite.

However, keep in mind that practicality must play a part: this is why you must work with an experienced remodeler when it comes to a new bathroom design. Stop by our showroom today to look at the vessel sinks we install as part of remodeling, and we will help you plan out the finest remodel possible to meld practicality and beauty.

For bathroom remodels in Arvada, CO, call on the experience of Striking Remodels by Bell.