Some of Your Options for Countertop Styles During a Remodel
October 27, 2014

Some of Your Options for Countertop Styles During a Remodel

You have many options when it come to a kitchen remodeling project, from whether to replace the piping to what sort of finish you want on the cabinets. One important part of both mid-range and upscale kitchen remodels is selecting new countertops. Few other parts of a remodel will do more to make your kitchen look fresh and new, as well as making it more functional, than a new countertop.

Choosing countertops for a remodel can be tricky, however. You want a marriage of form and function that also fits your budget plans. To make the job easier, come to Striking Remodels by Bell for complete kitchen remodeling services. We offer many quality names in countertops, and our showroom will let you pick out the look that you want. For home remodels in Lowry, and the surrounding areas, contact us.

Some of the options to consider for kitchen countertops

  • Granite and natural stone: This is currently one of the most popular choices for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Granite and other natural stone such as marble make for a contemporary and stylish appearance that is often breathtakingly beautiful. These materials are durable, stain-resistant, and their variety of natural colors and textures make them adaptable to almost any kitchen style.
  • Composite: These countertops have long been popular in commercial kitchens for very good reasons: they inhibit bacteria from forming, are easy to clean, and resist scratches and heat. If you love to cook and entertain, you?ll keep a busy kitchen?and that?s where a composite countertop will come in handy.
  • Tile: A popular surface for many decades, tile still remains a great option. Tile is budget-friendly, but also comes in a variety of styles that allow you to do almost anything with it. New, larger tile designs make these countertops much easier to clean than many older versions.
  • Laminate: A.k.a. ?Formica? (one of the brand names). This is a good, lower-cost alternative to solid stone countertops. Laminate counters have nonporous surfaces and are easy to clean and maintain. You can choose laminate in imitation stone and wood look for the kitchen appearance you?ve always dreamed of.

Options, options, options? so how are you going to choose?

It?s always better to have more choices than too few, and with the assistance of our ?professional remodelers, you will have no problem discovering the countertop that fits both your budget and your vision for a new kitchen.

For bathroom and kitchen remodels in Lowry, CO, you can trust Striking Remodels by Bell as your one-stop location to take care of all your needs.