Some Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Consider
December 05, 2014

Some Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Consider

When it comes to bathroom remodels in Eastlake, your possibilities for design seem nearly endless. From choosing a new sink to the tile in your shower, selecting the type and style of shower door and even down to the design of your toilet, there are literally thousands of combinations that could provide you with the stylish, relaxing bathroom you so deserve. If you need help selecting a new design that will fit any home, why not look into the current bathroom design looks trending among homeowners today?

The design of your sink is one of the most important things to consider first and foremost in your bathroom. The classic vintage pedestal sink still has a lot of design appeal, but you may also decide to choose from a variety of vessel sinks, those that appear to be a bowl perched above the vanity. Texture is all the rage this year, so you may want to choose a bowl with a durable and elegant textured look and receive compliments from guests for years to come.

While the larger details are of vast importance, the smaller things are what come together to make a bathroom feel complete. For bathroom remodels, even the material of the fixtures can be a major decision. These days, many homeowners choose the luster of nickel fixtures, as they have a sleek elegant look and pair well with nearly any type of countertop or setting. You can choose a faucet with a nickel-plated design and tie it together with nickel-finished lighting fixtures and cabinet handles as well.

Finally, one of the hottest trends in home design in the last several years has to do with going green and finding the most efficient fixtures. And one of the best ways to save some money in your bathroom is by choosing an efficient low-flow toilet. A standard low-flow toilet will suit most homes, but a dual-flush option can save you even more, with a higher-pressure option for solid wastes and a very efficient low-flow setting for liquid waste.

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