Small Kitchen? Here Are Some Good Remodeling Concepts
January 12, 2015

Small Kitchen? Here Are Some Good Remodeling Concepts

Not every house has expansive space for a kitchen when it comes to a remodel. Although space considerations are a limitation on what can be done during a remodeling, they do not have to be crippling limitations. If you have skilled and experienced remodelers on the job, even the most seemingly cramped area can be transformed into something special.

Below is a list of ideas for small kitchen remodels you should consider if you are planning a redesign in the near future. When you call on Striking Remodels by Bell to handle your kitchen remodeling in Parker, CO, you can expect to receive high-quality work that will take into account your available space and maximize it for both beauty and usefulness. We will put all our talents to work for your home.

Remodeling ideas for small kitchens

  • Make the space look larger with mirrors: they do it with mirrors is a phrase often used to describe how stage magicians work their craft. Mirrors are superb at creating illusions, and you can bring this special type of conjuring into your tight kitchen space. A well-placed set of mirrors along the back wall of the countertops invites in other parts of the house, creating the feeling that the kitchen is not a separate area but part of the rest of a home.
  • Vertical design: Just as downtown areas permit more effective use of space by building skyscrapers, you can have cabinetry placed in your kitchen that uses stacking and height to take advantage of all the space available. This is especially effective for homes with tall ceilings.
  • Choose appropriate colors: Here is another method to use visual design to create a feeling of a more open area. Designers will match colors throughout the kitchen so the eye will have an easier time traveling over the space. A unified color scheme will also make a kitchen feel less cluttered.
  • Don’t ignore flooring: It is remarkable how much the right choice for floor material and design can affect the entire kitchen. In fact, a small kitchen opens up your choices more than for a larger space because it’s easier to afford high-quality material.

Actually, almost any kitchen concept can be made to work for a tight space, but it is important that you let professional remodelers help with making a new kitchen work regardless of its size. Call our remodeling team today or stop by our showroom to get started.

Striking Remodels by Bell has both the technical and the design know-how when it comes to kitchen remodeling in Parker, CO and throughout the Denver area to see that small is beautiful.?