Simple Ideas to Update and Redesign Your Kitchen
July 29, 2019

Simple Ideas to Update and Redesign Your Kitchen

As home values in Denver continue to rise, kitchen remodels and kitchen redesign are top of the mind. Many of us watch those home improvement and home makeover programs with great interest and great envy, dreaming of the day when we too will redo our home from end to end.

Unfortunately, however, many of us do not have the funds required to create an entirely new living space in one fell swoop, so we look for easy and affordable ways to make the most of what we have with the funds we have at our disposal.

Fortunately, upd

While a kitchen remodeling project can often pay for itself by increasing your home?s value, it still pays to be frugal and to look for the best deals available.

Tackling the project a little bit at a time may be the best way to get that great new kitchen while keeping your budget under control.

Start Staring at the Walls

If you have found yourself dreaming of a new kitchen, the solution to your problem may be staring you right in the face.

The obvious place to start with your kitchen redesign is with the four walls surrounding the space, because updating those walls can make a world of difference.

Something as simple as a new color scheme or some new artwork can change the entire feel of a room, so start thinking about how you can update those walls.

Consider the Curtains

While it may seem too simple and obvious to even mention, a new set of curtains is one of the best ways to give new life to an old kitchen.

Many homeowners are surprised at the enormous difference a simple and inexpensive set of curtains can provide.

Curtains with bright colors and lively prints can do a great deal to perk up a tired old room, and when coupled with a fresh coat of paint, those curtains can provide a whole new look and feel.

Get Lost on Your Own Island

Kitchen islands are among the most popular additions in the kitchen redesign world. Adding an island to the kitchen is a great way to increase the space available and make more efficient use of the kitchen.?

The beauty of a kitchen island is that it helps to keep everything from pots and pans to cooking utensils close at hand.??

If you do not have the time, skill or budget for a built-in kitchen island, consider the option of a freestanding unit.?

There are a number of freestanding kitchen islands that can provide all the benefits of a built-in model with none of the hassles associated with a full kitchen remodel or a kitchen redesign.

Get Organized

If you can?t afford a full kitchen island, why not do the next best thing and invest in a couple of practical and beautiful kitchen organizers??

There are many kitchen organizers on the market to choose from, and these organizers can make an enormous difference in the usefulness and the look of the kitchen.

It is a good idea to look at a variety of different styles of kitchen organizers, from hanging racks for pots and pans to tabletop units for frequently used cooking utensils.?

These storage units are a great way to make more efficient use of the space you have, and they can be even more effective for those homeowners with small kitchens.

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