Should You Schedule Home Renovations in the Winter?
November 19, 2018

Should You Schedule Home Renovations in the Winter?

If you?ve lived in Denver through even just one winter, then you know they can be pretty harsh some years! So why would you even dream of tackling a home remodeling or renovation, then? It?s not like you?ll be comfortable outside.

Well first off, not all home renovations involve being outside for very long, if at all. There are a number of indoor renovations that are great to tackle in the winter, and a number of reasons that winter is a great time to tackle them! Whether you are a ?do-it-yourselfer? or would like significant help with Denver remodeling services from a professional, the following reasons are why winter is a great time for these projects.

Convenient Project Scheduling

Even if you decided to do most of the work of your renovation yourself, chances are you may still need help from a pro at some point. This is particularly true if your renovation involves any electrical work, plumbing, retrofitting, or adding HVAC systems. And generally speaking, it?s easier to get a contractor on your schedule quickly in the winter months?since they aren?t busy with the exterior work we see more of in the spring and summertime.

Contractor Availability

We mentioned this in the above point, but when you schedule your home renovation project in the winter, you?ll often be able to find a contractor who has more time, allowing you to conveniently schedule things like electrical or plumbing work, as well as painting, replacing flooring, repairing drywall, installing cabinetry and updating your lighting.

Additionally, better contractor availability means you can get prompt assistance with planning and designing your project! This is a good time to refine details?before the job actually begins. Many homeowners are often surprised by how much longer it can take a project to get completed when it?s not planned out from the beginning.

Permit Approvals

One of the necessities of doing just about any home remodel or renovation, especially if electrical updates are involved, is getting approval from building inspectors. The good news is that usually, government agencies are less busy in the winter, so it?s easier and quicker for you to obtain the necessary permits to do the work you want to do.

Some Outdoor Projects

Of course we would never recommend painting the exterior of your home during the winter. But if the weather cooperates, you might be able to work with a contractor on some outdoor projects to get your home ready for spring. This might include building or updating decks, porches, and room additions.

Fully Stocked Showroom

At Striking Remodels by Bell, we have a fully stocked kitchen and bathroom design products showroom. This is a great option for ?do it yourselfers? or even someone hiring a contractor just so they can see the products we carry upfront rather than just through a picture on the internet.

Home remodeling and renovation projects are more popular in the summer and spring of course. This means that we may temporarily run out of stock on a component you may love, and you?ll have to wait until it?s back in stock to continue your project. There?s a less chance of this occurring in the wintertime!

Get peace of mind by calling Striking Remodels by Bell, the company metro area homeowners have been trusting for over 90 years!