Should I Upgrade My Plumbing During Bathroom Remodeling?
October 06, 2014

Should I Upgrade My Plumbing During Bathroom Remodeling?

Remodeling a bathroom is one the best ways to enhance your daily life without going through a massive remodeling job on other parts of the home. The bathroom is the first room you usually visit during the morning, and the last place you visit before going to bed. Enhancing a drab bathroom with a professional remodeling job will enliven your day and also make the bathroom more efficient and easier to use.

Part of increasing the efficiency of a bathroom during a remodeling is upgrading the plumbing. Since the bathroom piping remains hidden for the most part, it is not often something that people connect with the attractive surface redesigns of remodeling. However, replacing older plumbing is one of the important tasks that you may wish to schedule during a bathroom remodel.

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Why you may wish to upgrade the plumbing during a bathroom remodel

There are two primary reasons to have the plumbing of a bathroom upgraded during remodeling:

  • One: You have an older home that has plumbing made from outdated material, such as galvanized steel or iron. These materials are prone to corrode and rust over time, leading to water contamination and leaking. Because remodeling exposes the pipes in a bathroom, it is an opportune time to have the older plumbing removed and replaced with newer material, such as copper and plastic. Having the pipes replaced at another time will mean serious disruption to the bathroom, so take advantage of the opportunity offered during remodeling.
  • Two: Upgrading the plumbing permits you more options during remodeling. If the plumbers are free to redesign the existing piping, they have more choices for how to design the new bathroom. Sinks can be put in different locations, cabinet layout is more fluid, and the upgraded pipes will be better equipped to handle new luxury fixtures like showers and bathtubs. You will have an easier time achieving the new bathroom you want if the plumbing is made part of the redesign.

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