Should I Schedule Pipe Replacement Along with My Kitchen Remodeling?
November 27, 2013

Should I Schedule Pipe Replacement Along with My Kitchen Remodeling?

Having professionals remodel your kitchen will help give your indoor living space a rejuvenated appearance. You?ll feel as if you just moved in once you have fresh new sinks, countertops, cabinets, and floors. Since kitchens are often at the center of a home, a remodel can freshen up the whole house.

While remodeling your kitchen, you should take this opportunity to replace your plumbing. Often this requires hiring a separate plumbing company to work with the kitchen remodelers?and this is a bit risky, since you can never be sure how well the two companies will coordinate their work, if they coordinate it at all. It?s also an additional hassle for you that can turn quite costly.

There is another option, however: contract both jobs through one company. Striking Remodels by Bell can offer you designer kitchen remodeling and a complete plumbing replacement at the same time. Now you only have to take one step, and deal with a single contractor, to have both important jobs done.

However, you might wonder why you should have your plumbing replaced at all. It seems like enough just to go through a remodeling, and after all, if the plumbing was working fine before, why go through the trouble? Well, that’s not necessarily the case – let us explain.

Here are a few reasons you should consider replacing your plumbing during a kitchen remodel:

  • If you have an older kitchen?one already in the house when you moved in?then you can take this opportunity to swap out old pipes made from outdated construction material and put in durable new ones.
  • Replacing the plumbing during the kitchen remodel will prevent any problems that new construction might pose to your old pipes.
  • You will save money, since one of the difficult parts of replacing pipes is getting to the pipes in the first place. A kitchen remodel exposes the pipes, saving an expensive step for getting them replaced.
  • The kitchen remodelers will have more options for creative kitchen designs to match your needs if they are also moving and replacing the plumbing.

Striking Remodels by Bell can do it all for you.

In the world of plumbing and remodeling, you won?t often find companies that can not only both, but have so many years of experience doing them. You should think of Striking Remodels by Bell as your one-stop shopping for kitchen remodeling and new plumbing. Not only can we take care of your kitchen, we can do the same for your bathroom, offering you a wide variety of faucets, fixtures, and tubs to give it the facelift it needs.

With our many decades of experience, we know you will be more than satisfied with our kitchen remodeling services.