Selecting the Best Countertop Edge Style for Your Tastes
July 04, 2016

Selecting the Best Countertop Edge Style for Your Tastes

There are a ton of different considerations that go into each facet of a remodeling project. From cabinets, to floors, to countertops, everything needs to be researched at length if you want to find the perfect type for you. Your countertops are going to see a lot of use over the years, so you want to make sure that they?re both stylish and functional. Let?s take a look at some of the countertop edges available on the market today, and what they can offer you.


Beveled countertop edges combine an angled corner with an otherwise flat face. It lends an elegant look to many different kinds of countertop material, and is quite easy to clean with its crisp edges. You should beware of what having those kinds of edges will mean, though, with regard to food preparation or leaning on them.


A more classic design, the bullnose edge is an easy curve that can really highlight the qualities of your countertop material. Stone countertops look especially nice with a bullnose edge, thought the style works for plenty of other types. Bullnosed edges are also easy to keep clean, though you do need to remember to get the underside of the curve. This is a very popular style.


The eased edge is perhaps the simplest of the countertop edge style. This is a simple squared edge, with a slight rounding at the corners to make them less sharp. This style of countertop edge gives a definite ?slab? feel to the entire counter, which is great for things like hardwood or granite. If you?re looking for a no-frills solution for your countertop, eased edges are a good choice.

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