Secondary Baths are More Important Than Ever
October 01, 2021

Secondary Baths are More Important Than Ever

With more people working from home and more families living in inter-generational homes, there is more need for second bathrooms than before. These spaces are meant to be practical; some are two pieces and others are three. The point is simply to have enough space to do what you need to with the sink, shower, or toilet. Leaving the main bathroom open for other people and longer tasks like indulgent bubble baths.

Still, just because a second bathroom is more of a bonus, doesn’t mean it should be boring. Second bathrooms are valuable assets and enjoyable spaces that you can make look great. In fact, as a smaller bathroom, you can typically take more risks in the second bathroom than you can in the first. There is real room for experimentation and fun in this space.

Second bathroom remodeling projects are great ways to improve the value of your home to your family and to a potential buyer. When grounded in the practicalities of how you want to use the bathroom, these renovations can be excellent ways to spruce up your space. Here’s what you should consider.

Practical Questions  

Before you get started on a bathroom remodel, you should ask yourself these key questions:

  • How many people use this bathroom? Also, consider their ages and the needs they have. A second bathroom that is primarily for the kids will look very different than a secondary bathroom that is only used by guests.
  • What is this bathroom mainly used for? Your bathroom may be used for somewhat niche activities, like painting nails and doing makeup, washing your dog, or cleaning off your work boots. Whatever the main uses are, they should inform the design.
  • What could this bathroom be used for? Maybe you are thinking of expanding its use into other things. You could add a sauna, a bidet, and make it more of a retreat.
  • How does the bathroom fit in with your home’s floor plan? Is it somewhat separated from the rest of the house or is it in a hallway with frequent traffic? This should inform your design too.

Once you have these questions answered, you are in a better position to consider if a bathroom feature that you stumble upon may be the right fit for your home. You can start by exploring pictures online or working through our list of interesting features below.

Shower Extras

If you have a shower in your second bathroom, odds are it didn’t get much love when originally installed. It should be easy to update it with a better showerhead that provides a more luxurious shower experience, like a high-pressure one, rain one, or a hand-held shower head.

Depending on the users, you might also consider installing better shelving, support bars, or even a shower seat. This is especially great if anyone in your household has mobility issues and could use the extra support.

Skylights and Candles

Make the experience in your second shower a “wow” by changing the lighting. A skylight is a great way to add natural light and a better ambiance to the room, especially as many second bathrooms don’t have a window. You can add frosted glass to the skylight to make it more private.

If skylights aren’t an option, then you can elevate the feeling of your second bathroom with dedicated spots for candles. Even if they aren’t lit, a tasteful collection of candles makes any bath space feel more tranquil.

Medicine Cabinets

The walls on many second bathrooms are woefully underequipped. But every bathroom could use more storage. If there is room, consider adding in a new cabinet. Or, consider removing the current mirror and installing one with a hidden medicine cabinet behind it. This can help you use the bathroom more wisely. If it’s for guests, stock helpful items they might need. If it’s for your own meditating purposes, store your incense, lotions, and bath salts in the cabinet.

Toilet Placement

When there isn’t enough room to move around in your second bathroom, you might not have space to reposition the toilet. But, if you do, try to move it so that it isn’t the first thing you see when you walk into the room. This helps the space feel more private and spacious.

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