Remodeling Your Plumbing for Practical Use
September 22, 2014

Remodeling Your Plumbing for Practical Use

The term ?remodeling? can cover a number of different services. A comprehensive remodeling job performs a complete top-to-bottom makeover of a room, redesigning it for aesthetic and practical purposes. It covers everything, from the electrical system and the pipes to new wallpaper and lighting fixtures.

However, you can choose to have only the part of a remodeling job done that you need. One of these remodeling services is for the plumbing. Skilled remodelers can change the plumbing for your kitchen or bathrooms to make it more practical.

Striking Remodels by Bell offers plumbing remodels in Centennial, CO, as well as complete remodeling for kitchens and bathroom that takes care of all the necessary tasks within a single company. We have been in the plumbing business since 1926, so you can trust on our work when it comes to re-doing your home?s plumbing.

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen contains many plumbing appliances and fixtures; few locations in your home will benefit as much from a practical plumbing remodel as the kitchen. One of the best upgrades on the plumbing for an older kitchen is the addition of a garbage disposal. Other beneficial upgrades include new multi-bowl sinks, additional faucets, and replacement dishwashers. If you live in an older home, your kitchen may still have galvanized steel plumbing, which is prone to corrosion over time. ?A whole-kitchen repiping job is an excellent way to keep the plumbing in the best shape and avoid repair problems in the future. If you do plan for a more comprehensive remodeling job, add repiping as part of it, since the pipes will be exposed during the process and make the replacement work easier.

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathrooms in a house use more water than any other room, and in no other place is basic practicality the most crucial concern. Like a kitchen, an older bathroom can benefit from replacing galvanized steel pipes with newer material. Replacing an old toilet for a new low-flow model is an excellent way to save water, and you can also add low flow-faucets and showerheads. A new sink can free up space in the bathroom, or you can use it for additional storage areas. New, easier access bathtubs and showers will add to the practical use of a bathroom.

Speak to plumbing remodeling specialists today

The best way to know what you can do for practical plumbing remodels in Centennial, CO is to consult with professionals. They can suggest changes to increase the practicality of the plumbing in your kitchen or bathroom. Arrange an appointment today, or come visit our showroom.

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