Remodeling Ideas for a Smaller Bathroom
February 20, 2015

Remodeling Ideas for a Smaller Bathroom

Just because you may have a small bathroom doesn?t mean you can?t have a great bathroom. While today?s bathroom trend is toward large, spa-like bathrooms, not all homes have the room for a master bath. However, you can still make your small bathroom feel like a master bath with some of these tips from our Striking Remodels by Bell remodeling experts:

  • Use natural light ? one of the reasons small bathrooms can feel so small is that sometimes there is not enough, or no, natural light coming into the space. A well-placed window, transom window or skylight can bring much-needed natural light into the space.
  • Create storage space ? you may have an extra nook or extra shelving that, with a little creativity, can add flare and storage to your bathroom without too much effort, or sacrificing the storage space you need.
  • Go diagonal with floor tile ? floor tile placed in a diagonal line gives the illusion that the room is bigger because the lines stretch longer.
  • Hang it up ? today?s wall-mounted sinks aren?t just attractive and trendy, they are great savers when it comes to floor space. If you haven?t considered a wall-mounted sink, take a look at today?s products ? you may be surprised at what you find.
  • Install an all-glass shower ? an all-glass shower, known as a frameless shower, gives the illusion of space because it doesn?t break up your bathroom the way a tub or framed shower can.
  • Decorate with bright colors ? don?t be afraid to let your color pallet loose on your small bathroom ? the brighter the color, the bigger the bathroom can feel.
  • Don?t move your existing plumbing ? to save some money, try to work with the existing plumbing as it is.
  • Accessorize with wall-mounted products ? soap holders, glass shelving, towel racks, etc., can all be attractively mounted to the wall, saving needed floor space while enhancing the d?cor of the entire bathroom.

The experts at Striking Remodels by Bell have remodeled bathrooms from powder rooms to master baths, so if you are ready for a bathroom remodel in Parker, CO, call us today!