Reasons Not to Add a New Sink When Remodeling Your Bathroom
February 28, 2014

Reasons Not to Add a New Sink When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Having a bathroom remodel done is a large task that requires making numerous decisions about what you want to upgrade. It?s tempting to focus on just a few of the fixtures and leave the main ones in place. One example: the sink. Let?s say that your current one works fine, has no cracks, and isn?t horrible to look at. What are some of the good reasons not to replace it with a new sink during your remodel?

Here?s the answer: No reasons at all. Especially if you have excellent designers and builders working on your bathroom remodeling in Littleton, CO.

The sink is one of the central features of a bathroom, the one that receives the most daily use, and an object that people notice almost immediately when they enter. If you want your bathroom design to have the best possible look through a remodel, you should consider a sink replacement as one of the centerpieces of the redesign.

This isn?t a difficult task with the right remodelers taking care of the job. You can work with the remodelers to come up with a design. Striking Remodels by Bell uses special software to help you create a virtual bathroom design with the assistance of our experienced showroom staff. This way you can see exactly how a new sink will work with your planned bathroom. Maybe you can replace an old pedestal sink with a cabinet sink for extra storage space. Or change from the cabinet sink to a pedestal sink to add old-world charm with extra floor space.

Of course, you don?t need to have a replacement sink put in during a bathroom remodel?at least if you have experienced remodeling contractors?who can work around your current sink as they take care of your plumbing, showers, fixtures, and other additions. But you shouldn?t hesitate if you think a new sink will enhance the general remodel. If you visit our showroom at Striking Remodels by Bell, you?ll see all the options available when it comes to sink replacement, and may find yourself coming up with new ideas for your remodel. We offer top brands with spectacular looks that will elevate any space.

Look to Striking Remodels by Bell for your bathroom remodeling in Littleton, CO. We?ll make sure you end up with the right sink in your bathroom?even if it?s your old sink. Call us today and let us know what you’re looking for.