Planning a Kitchen Remodel for Better Food Preparation
January 02, 2015

Planning a Kitchen Remodel for Better Food Preparation

When you set out to remodel your home?s kitchen, you?ll probably have more than one goal in mind. Many homeowners aim to make the kitchen a more pleasant and modern-looking space that will attract family members and guests to use it as a main congregating area. Other people will put a premium on designing a kitchen that saves energy, water, and space.

But almost all kitchen remodels will share the goal of making the room an easier place to prepare meals. After all, even with their new importance as a hub for a home, food preparation is still the #1 purpose of a kitchen. If you?re looking to increase your culinary skills and output, there are some special considerations for remodeling a kitchen that will help make everything easier in the future.

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One of the first things to consider for a new kitchen to make it a superior place for food preparation is its layout. You can plan a kitchen to be more inviting as a space for socializing, but at the same time also create a layout more conducive to workflow, with less time spent dashing around different zones of the room trying to gather ingredients and cooking ware, and more time spent on making the best meals possible. Professional remodelers will help you strike the right balance of the kitchen as a space for guests and a space for chefs.

Next, consider the countertop material that will best fit your cooking requirements. If you plan to do a great deal of food preparation in the kitchen, you should think about a material that is non-staining and able to take intense heat from the surrounding appliances and anything that might spill on it. You will also want a countertop that cleans up easily and resists bacteria. Professional chefs prefer stainless steel, while other countertops that may work for you include tile and glass.

Finally, pick new appliances for the kitchen that will help you get cooking done easier, faster, and better. There is an enormous variety of new stove, oven, and microwave designs that take away much of the labor of older kitchens. You can also have innovative appliances put in for special cooking tasks you wouldn?t have been able to do before. Ask your remodeling professional about ideas for kitchen appliances that will transform the room into something approaching the workspace of a world-class chef.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed with where to start when it comes to devising the best new kitchen to match your food preparation goals, don?t worry: call Striking Remodels by Bell, where kitchen remodels in Greenwood Village, CO and the surrounding areas are one of our specialties.

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