Painting Your Bathroom
October 26, 2015

Painting Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is a place where you should be relaxed and comfortable, whether you are getting ready for work in the morning or enjoying a long, hot shower. The wrong color or colors in your bathroom can drive you to distraction, so the remodeling bathroom experts from Striking Remodels by Bell have some tips to help you choose the perfect color or colors for your new bathroom in Denver.

The Rule of 3

The first thing you want to do is pick three colors, but not just any three colors. You want to pick:

  • A neutral color
  • A rich or bold color
  • An accent color

Then you want to see how those colors look, so put a small swatch of each on your walls. If you choose to use three colors, remember the right ratio to do it in: 70/20/10/. 70% will be for the neutral color, 20% will be for the rich color and 10% will be for the accent color. You also want to remember a second rule of three: use the colors at least three times throughout your bathroom. This can include the flooring, in fixtures, in linens, etc. You want to fully incorporate the three colors for maximum effect.

Choosing 2 Neutrals

If you like to keep it simple and want to use only two neutral colors in your bathroom, that can work well also. Again, you want to incorporate the two colors into the various parts of your bathroom?s d?cor, and remember the split: 70% for your main neutral color and 30% for the accent neutral color.

Balance Bold with a Neutral

Going with a bold color, or even two, can make your bathroom invigorating. However, you?ll want to use a neutral color to anchor these other colors. The neutral color will tie everything together well.