New Homeowner Tips
October 13, 2009

New Homeowner Tips


If you’ve just bought a new home, moved into a new place or are finally getting around to learning more about your current home, there are a few key points to familiarize yourself with. Denver winter’s are known to be tough on homes, and knowing your way around your mechanical room is important if anything goes wrong due to extreme weather conditions.

Every homeowner should take the time to locate their main shut off for their water and gas supply into their home. This will prove to be very important in the case of an emergency. Each plumbing fixture should have its own shut off valve as well.

Make yourself familiar with your mechanical room or closet. This is where your water heater and your furnace are located. These appliances will have gas shut off valves as well and they can be turned off in case a gas leak occurs. Never stack any flammables in any mechanical room/closet where there are any fuel fired appliances. This could prove to be deadly!