Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling Projects
October 01, 2019

Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Everyone likes a visually appealing and practical bathroom. It’s where the day starts and ends. If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom on a limited budget, check out these inexpensive ideas.

You can perform an inexpensive bathroom remodel – changing the whole appearance of your bathroom – without emptying your wallet.

Here are a few (and often cheap) solutions:

Thrift Store Treasures

Why make bathroom remodeling a huge project? Start with these simple ideas.

A low coffee table can be refinished or painted to become a holder for a variety of baskets.  You can store washcloths, towels, soaps, combs, and brushes in baskets for a shabby/chic look. An attractive end table can be transformed into a charming floating sink vanity.

Three small doors can be painted and hinged to create a lovely folding screen.

If those doors had areas for windows, replace that space with fabric-covered inserts. Thrift stores are also a great place to find pretty old dishes to hold soap and larger bowls for a potted plant.

Yard Sales

You can find some really great buys at yard sales.

When people purchase a new home, remodeling often makes some sense. The items often left or disregarded, new owners often sell or replace.

You may find medicine cabinets, plumbing fixtures, windows, mirrors, lighting, baskets, and dozens of other items that can put new life into your bathroom.

Old curtains in good condition can be turned into a shower curtain to hang in front of clear vinyl. Old fabric, scarves, handkerchiefs, and table cloths can also be turned into charming shower curtains.

Redesign What You Already Have

Search your basement, attic, junk closet, and garage. You might find some forgotten treasures in a tucked-away box. The beautiful antique bowl with the chip in the bottom could become a new floating sink.

A glass shop can cut the right size hole in the bottom of the bowl to fit new plumbing fixtures. The old bookcase from the kid’s room can be repainted and turned into shelves for towels and other linens. It’s a great way to recycle those forgotten items you saved for just such a repurpose.

Paint, Paper, And Rugs

Refurbishing projects or executing inexpensive bathroom remodel ideas often starts with soft blues, greens, tans, peaches, and many additional soothing colors. Depending on the size and shape of your bathroom you might want to put wallpaper on the lower half and paint the top.

(Pro tip: Add some scatter rugs in contrasting colors, and your new bathroom will feel complete.)

Spending a few dollars to repurpose yard sale, thrift shop, and your own store finds can give your bathroom a fresh new look. Enjoy remodeling your bathroom, and bank the money you saved.

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