Important Questions to Ask When Designing Your Kitchen
February 20, 2014

Important Questions to Ask When Designing Your Kitchen

Designing a new kitchen to provide a facelift to your old one involves numerous tasks and plenty of planning. Often you can get lost in all the choices involved and miss asking a few important questions that will help you achieve the best kitchen redesign you can get.

If you have an excellent contractor working on your redesign, you can expect many of these questions to come up naturally. A quality kitchen designer in Denver, CO, such as the ones who work at Striking Remodels by Bell, will have numerous ideas for how you can take your kitchen to the next level in beauty, versatility, and efficiency.

Here are a few of the questions we encourage people to ask when they are planning their kitchen redesign.

?What appliance upgrades should I consider??

Sometimes, people focus on the kitchen?s look and don?t think as much about the possibilities for new appliances. You don?t need to get a standard dishwasher, oven, or refrigerator similar to the your old ones. Because the kitchen is getting fully re-done, it?s easy to find ways to accommodate larger (or more compact) appliances with new technological advances.

?Is it worthwhile to replace the plumbing as well??

The plumbing under all the counters and sinks often gets ignored. However, if you have older plumbing or plumbing that has a history of giving you trouble, there is no better time than during a kitchen remodel to have the plumbing replaced. The process of remodeling will expose the pipes and make it easier for a plumber to take care of the work?and if the company you choose for the remodel also does plumbing, the task will go smoothly. You should give this serious thought if you have old galvanized steel pipes. Replacing the plumbing also permits more flexibility for the design.

?Should I invest in new counters and cabinets??

This is the reverse of thinking only about appearance. If you get so focused on all the big items in your kitchen, you might overlook some of the smaller design changes that can give the kitchen a fresh, bright new look. If possible, work with a contractor who offers cabinet and countertop replacement, and has a variety of options for you to look over.

For a top kitchen designer in Denver, CO, give Striking Remodels by Bell a call. We offer extensive services along with kitchen design, including full service plumbing and a large showroom of fixtures, countertops, cabinets, and more. Make us your one-stop location for a kitchen redesign?and ask all the questions you want!