How to Work with an Interior Designer
May 04, 2022

How to Work with an Interior Designer

In your search for an interior designer in Denver, there are several must-ask questions.

Will they represent my style? Will they have unique designs? Most homeowners zero in on aesthetics. But yet the most crucial part is how to be a good client.

Clear understanding and coordination are essential in turning your home into a haven for harmony, complete with the best designs. Our experts at Striking Remodels by Bell have prepared this piece to guide you can develop a quality client-designer relationship.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

The first thought that comes to mind is a house stylist. It is a fact interior designers impart glamour to your house and convert it into an aesthetically pleasing haven. But the niche of an interior designer transcends the cosmetic considerations of your home.

An Interior Designer balances the aesthetic options with structural fittings and space available while considering the financial aspect. For example, the designer can recommend alternative options to your expensive faucets with the same flow quality.

Designers usually work with your brief but can tweak a few features representing their personality. Overall the different interior décor, wallpaper, and color palette should give your home a polished look. In addition, the designer can eliminate ubiquitous designs and replace them with low-cost ones that are up to par with the market trends.

Getting Started

Some homeowners stumble on the first step. The initial consultation is key to shaping the design process. We insist you get it right. A high-level overview of the designer’s work should precede the meetup. You can ask them to give you a review of past clients’ work. Also, tell them your vision and assess whether the CGIs they give you are what you want.

It is important to note that there are massive differences between the design on paper and actualizing it. So remember, you may not get what you want in the drafting phase – at least not 100%. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality.

Set clear expectations for the first meeting. Describe the scope of work, your budget, and the percentage you are willing to scale up.

Working With a Designer

Here are a few considerations you should make when working with your preferred interior designer:


Designers don’t have a standard billing structure. The fees vary considerably. Some pricing options to know are:

  • A percentage of the styling budget.
  • Flat rate fee.
  • Cost plus rate where the designer keeps the additional cost of goods on mark-up.
  • Hourly rate.

Designers also incorporate a retainer fee to finance initial purchases. The retainer fee can be non-refundable or refundable depending on the agreement terms. Again, remember to discuss the monetary terms, such as payment options and the periodic payment amount.


Enough about the mind-numbing prices. Clear communication is the sole success factor in beating the deadline. You need a real-time communication channel where you exchange ideas.
No design plan is set in stone. You need to communicate the changes to the initial plan as your designer executes it. Don’t go off the radar when you are satisfied with the CGI.

Manage Your Expectations

You want a Victorian-style décor, but your five-bedroom mansionette won’t cut it. A designer’s job is to match the decorative with space and functionality.

Some designs you see on reality TV are not real! Your designer will most likely fumble trying to impress you with such styles. Instead, ask them to style the interior to your liking but use your design brief as a guide.

Also, a major pet peeve for designers is a know-it-all client. The fact that you’ve hired a designer doesn’t mean you control them. Don’t tell them how a blue seat will suit black wallpaper. It’s best to leave it to the professionals rather than have your house look like a 4th grader’s coloring book. Resist the urge of imposing your design by all means.

Formalizing Your Agreement

Some verbal contracts are binding in some states. But it is prudent to document the contract. You can have a pre-contract agreement, amend it then sign the final contract. There is usually no legal speak in the contract; therefore, it should be clear.

Where to Find a Good Designer?

The market is not short of designers. Yet, finding designers who perfectly envision your idea in Denver is an uphill task. At Striking Remodels by Bell, we aggregate interior design services into one.

Our one-stop platform features certified designers and tradespeople to transform your home into an aesthetic haven. Reach out and set up consultations to determine designs that work for you. Our honest pricing and unparalleled quality ensure you get the best-in-class interior design services.