How To Make My Basic Kitchen Look Expensive
October 24, 2022

How To Make My Basic Kitchen Look Expensive

Kitchens serve as the hub of any home- learn how to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen at an affordable price. 

Most people agree that the kitchen is the focal point in any home; it’s the place where we gather, we laugh, we cook, and we eat. In this article we will explore cost-effective solutions to upgrading your existing kitchen and creating the space that you deserve.  

Ways to Give Your Kitchen a New Look

Having a nice kitchen does not mean that you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars; an expensive-looking kitchen comes down to using the right products and design techniques. Let’s explore how you can give your kitchen a new and refreshed look for a reasonable price with these hot tips. 

Invest in New Appliances

New appliances are a quick and easy way to upgrade the look and functionality of any existing kitchen. Not only do they elevate the aesthetics, but they also add value- Bonus! Consider your needs, and more importantly your budget, when selecting which appliances are best for you. Do you love cooking? A gas range is not only a beautiful feature in any kitchen, but they are fantastic to cook on. Looking to save space? Consider a counter depth fridge. Choose your appliances wisely, they should make sense for the level of cooking you do as well as your space constraints 

Add a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash is not only an excellent way of sprucing up the look of your kitchen, but it also serves as an opportunity to showcase the personality of your space. Backsplash options are endless. A host of different materials can be used to make a big impact, especially in small spaces. Looking for a sleek and clean look? White subway tile reinforces a classic yet modern aesthetic. If you are looking for something to add a pop of personality, consider a fun pattern or an alternative material like shiplap. Color, pattern and texture all play a role in how a kitchen looks and feels. Striking remodel’s team of designers can help you realize the right look and feel for your kitchen. 

Update Your Lighting 

Switching out those drab light fixtures for new and more modern fixtures is a sure way to update the feel of your whole space while adding task-appropriate lighting. If your current kitchen has an island or peninsula, consider adding pendant lights. If you are looking to illuminate your counter for working, add puck lighting or under cabinet lights. Lighting creates ambiance, boosts functionality, and a variation can bring visual interest into a space. 

Switch up Your Hardware

This easy kitchen update makes a huge difference and can transform a space from ‘blah’ to beautiful in just a few short hours. Cabinet hardware gives a kitchen dimension and personality. New modern hardware finishes will give your kitchen a more contemporary feel, and it’s an economical way to upgrade your space. If you are feeling ambitious, switch out your existing faucet for one that matches your new hardware for a finishing touch.

The Gist 

Simply put, your kitchen is an essential part of your home, and you deserve to take pride in this space. Whether you decide to make subtle changes yourself or opt to invest in a full kitchen remodel – you can have a beautiful kitchen that fits your budget. To learn more about minor remodels and their impact, contact us today