How to Choose the Right Countertop
June 27, 2016

How to Choose the Right Countertop

The countertop in your kitchen is a critical part of its functionality. This is all the more true if you have extensive cabinetry and/or a kitchen island. Choosing the right countertop is part of any kitchen remodeling process, and there are?plenty of options to consider. But before you make your choice, there are several questions you may want to ask yourself first. Let’s look at a handful.

What’s Your Budget?

You’ll want to know what your overall budget is for the kitchen remodel, and then what portion of that you want to spend on your countertops. For example, what’s more beautiful than marble? Not much, but it’s not right for all budgets. There are plenty of other options to consider, however, such as composite surfaces from quality manufacturers such as Swanstone and Corian, and tile.

What Type of Bevel?

If you’re thinking about a countertop, then you’ll want to think about what type of edge profile, what size the bevel will be, etc.?You can choose between a number of different options, including radius, 1/4 bevel, eased, reverse bevel, cove, and ogee, among numerous others. A professional can help you choose so that your countertop is functional, safe, and that it looks great.

What Material Do You Want?

This is the major question. If you know what you want already and it matches your budgetary requirements, then you’re all set. But if you’re on the fence, you can begin by thinking what you want from your countertop. How long will you stay in that home? Are you more interested in functionality or style? For pure functionality, a solid composite works well and is cost-effective. But if you want something special, then stone, tile, or marble are all excellent options.

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