How to Choose the Perfect Appliance in Denver
May 21, 2012

How to Choose the Perfect Appliance in Denver

There are a lot of responsibilities you?ll face as a homeowner, but one of the most important is the selection of a good appliance for your kitchen and bathroom plumbing. ?By choosing an energy efficient appliance that is the right size for your?home, you?will keep your energy bills down and improve the value of your home. But, what factors should you consider when choosing a new appliance to ensure you get the very best? Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Capacity ? First, make sure you know the capacity you need for your new appliance, along with the size available for installation. Choosing the perfect refrigerator or dishwasher is great, but if it doesn?t hold enough or doesn?t fit the space you have available, it might not be a good selection for your kitchen plumbing.
  2. Energy Efficiency ? Next on the list should be energy efficiency. Be aware that this will directly affect the price. So, if price is a major issue for you, move it up on the list by at least one spot. However, if you want to save money in the long term on electricity and water and you want to do your part for the environment, look for Energy Star labels and the highest efficiency ratings on the market.
  3. Cost ? Cost is a big deal for almost all homeowners. Unless you have very specific needs, you should break down your search by budget range. Most of the time, you can contact an appliance salesperson or contractor and give them a budget with which to work. If researching online, use? review specific models by price range (you may even find a good deal).
  4. Noise Factor ? Many people forget just how much noise an appliance makes until they install it and realize they can?t hear a person from three feet away in the laundry room. Noise cancellation costs more, but in some instances, especially for appliances in the living space like a refrigerator, air conditioner or bathroom fixture, it?s a major plus.
  5. Digital Controls ? Most new top of the line appliances have digital readouts and LCD displays that allow you to review your options, reduce energy consumption and make quick adjustments. However, digital readouts and expert controls are not always necessary to get an efficient, affordable device, so this becomes a convenience factor.

Review your options carefully before selecting an appliance for your home. Organize the above five factors by importance to you and review the options in that range accordingly. You?ll hopefully find the perfect appliance for your needs. ?If you need any help making a decision please call Striking Remodels by Bell.