How often should you remodel your kitchen?
August 31, 2022

How often should you remodel your kitchen?

While an exciting prospect for any homeowner, a full kitchen remodel can prove a daunting – and expensive – task. Knowing if it’s truly the right time to do a kitchen remodel in Denver CO is important for assessing financial benefits, keeping to your budget, and finally achieving the kitchen of your dreams.

Most experts recommend a kitchen update or renovation every 10 to 15 years depending on your budget or amount of wear and tear. If staying up-to-date on style changes is important to you, you might want to think about remodeling some features sooner.

Keep reading to learn more about the best times to remodel your kitchen and how to find the best professional for the job.

Updating from Daily Use and Damage

It’s no surprise that some items in your kitchen are going to need to be replaced sooner than others. Cabinets, counter spaces, flooring, and even some fixtures are often impacted first from regular wear and tear. 

If you’re avoiding a full kitchen remodel, updating a few of these items can help you stick to your budget. Additionally, choosing higher-quality replacements will ensure that these items last for longer, preventing more work for you in future. For example, a durable quartz countertop can last 10 years minimum, up to the lifetime of your home, if well-cared for. 

Improving Kitchen Functionality

If your kitchen isn’t functional with your space and lifestyle needs, that might be a sign that it’s time to remodel. Whether your home is older and features outdated appliances, or your family circumstances are changing, having a kitchen that meets all of your needs is fundamental to your quality of life. 

A remodeled kitchen allows you to enjoy exactly what you envision for the space. From extra storage and cabinets to specialized appliances and layout, a professional kitchen designer can help you create the perfect solution. 

Changing the Interior Style Profile

Just because your kitchen is functional, doesn’t mean it meets all the requirements for style. Every piece of your home should reflect your style – including the kitchen! If you feel your kitchen doesn’t match your personal style, or simply feels shabby or out-of-date, it might be time for a quick renovation. 

You can easily update your kitchen’s style with a few items that bring timeless appeal, like fixtures, hardware, and paint colors. If a more colorful and eclectic aesthetic is your thing, consider replacing cabinet doors or handles, or adding a statement backsplash. 

Increasing Your Home’s Value

A kitchen remodel is also a great way to increase your home’s value. If you’re looking to sell your home within the next five years, renovating your kitchen could make a huge impact. According to one report by Remodeling Magazine, a minor, mid-range kitchen remodel recovers around 81 percent of costs at resale. Kitchen renovations, especially upgraded appliances and new countertops, are a high priority for most homebuyers. 

When to Call a Professional

At the end of the day, the decision on how often and when to perform a Denver kitchen remodel is up to you. While any home renovation is a huge task, you can feel confident working with a professional who understands your vision. Contact Striking Remodels by Bell to learn more about how to optimize your kitchen with a remodel or renovation.