How long does a bathroom renovation take?
October 26, 2022

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

Whether you’re looking for a simple refresh or a transformative experience, a bathroom renovation is the perfect choice for a quick home facelift. Many professionals agree that a typical bathroom renovation can be completed in 4.5 weeks, with larger projects lasting up to 9 weeks. A good remodel partner will begin the deconstruction and construction process only when all material selections have arrived and have been checked for damage. This greatly reduces the remodel timeline.

If you’re looking to finally capture the bathroom you’ve always envisioned, it’s time to get started with professional bathroom renovation in Denver. Keep reading to find out more about the typical bathroom remodel timeline and how to make it work for your schedule before deciding on a custom bath remodel.

Common issues that impact bathroom renovation projects 

Despite the most strictly scheduled and thought-out renovation projects, issues can still occur that will set the project back from its intended goal. However, depending on a few factors regarding the renovation, a flexible timeline can be set. These estimates help contractors, subcontractors, and other onsite team members to complete mini-goals as they occur along the timeline.

Some issues that could impact the bathroom renovation process include:

  • The type of renovation. Cosmetic remodels typically don’t take as much time to complete as a full rebuild. Foundational issues could also be found during the strip-to-studs process of a rebuild, which set the renovation process back even further. This is more common in older homes.
  • The type of materials used. Prefabricated materials shorten the construction timeline over site-built materials, yet don’t settle on selections based on a few days of added renovation time.
  • Hiring a professional vs. DIY. Do-it-yourself projects aren’t all they’re made out to be. Sometimes trying to complete these complex renovations on your own can cause more issues or personal life complications can get in the way. Working with a professional who can keep to a stricter schedule ensures that your project is completed in a timely manner.

Breakdown of bathroom renovation timeline

Most bathroom renovations include the following, as highlighted in this idealized bathroom renovation timeline. Note that each bathroom remodel will be different depending on the needs of the renovation or build.

  1. Initial demolition is performed, and debris is removed from the property.
  2. Rough carpentry is installed if necessary, though any underlying carpentry can be utilized if the structure is sound.
  3. Rough plumbing (toilets, tub, shower) are installed.
  4. Rough electrical is installed, but not fully hooked up to the final connections yet.
  5. Initial renovation inspection is performed by an inspector to ensure that the work completed up to this point is up to code.
  6. Insulation is installed and drywall can start to be hung. Finishing the drywall could take some time, however, as it is a multi-step process.
  7. Second or final renovation inspection is completed by inspectors.
  8. Tile work and painting are completed, as well as installing bathroom cabinets.
  9. Finishing touches are applied like trim, bathroom fixtures, and hooking up the electrical and plumbing.
  10. A “punch list” is performed to make final touch-ups and cabinet door alignment

Depending on the individual needs of your bathroom renovation, some of these steps could require more or less time. 

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