How Hydro Jetting Differs from Other Methods of Drain Cleaning
February 06, 2015

How Hydro Jetting Differs from Other Methods of Drain Cleaning

If your plumbing system has ever fallen victim to a major drain clog, you know just what a hassle it can be. Sometimes, you can get it out with a good plunger and maybe a little bit of skill and strength. But other times, you?ll have to find a plumbing company available for fast repairs, as you?re unable to use one or more faucets or fixtures in the home until the problem is solved. Scheduling drain cleaning with a trained plumber allows you to feel confident that the problem is found and removed ASAP and with little damage to your pipes. In today?s guide, we?ll take a look at why you should choose a professional who uses hydro jetting as part of drain cleaning in Roxborough, CO.

The danger of home drain cleaning ?solutions?

When you visit the ?plumbing? section of your local hardware store or grocery store, you?re likely to recognize two things in particular: the plungers and the drain cleaning gels and liquids. Drain cleaning solution is marketed towards the average homeowner, which is alarming when you consider that it?s one of the most toxic substances available for widespread purchase.

Drain cleaning chemicals are known to injure eyes and irritate the skin. They can also be toxic if inhaled, and are especially dangerous if left where small children or pets may gain access. Furthermore, drain cleaning solutions can damage the pipes, and they most likely won?t dissolve all of the different types of blockage there may be in your drains. Many are capable of dissolving hair, for example, but will do nothing for the other debris in the pipes.

Drain augers and snakes vs. hydro jetting

Professionals have a couple of tools at their disposal when it comes to drain cleaning, none of which include these toxic chemicals. You may expect your plumber to show up with a drain snake, or drain auger. These may be electronic or hand-operated. The plumber feeds a wire into the pipe which then latches onto a clog and either pulls it out or breaks it up.

The problem is that these only remove large clogs and don?t target other problem areas throughout the plumbing system. A good drain cleaning session should be both effective and preventive. And with hydro jetting, you get just that. A thin hose inserted into the pipes blasts them with water, which takes care of any stuck-on grease, food, hair, debris, dirt, and buildup there may be.

Choose a company that uses the best in inspection equipment as well as hydro jets for drain cleaning in Roxborough, CO. Call Striking Remodels by Bell today.