How Difficult a Job Is a Kitchen Remodel?
October 14, 2014

How Difficult a Job Is a Kitchen Remodel?

Although ?do-it-yourself? projects around the home can be an enjoyable hobbyist activity for tackling smaller repair tasks, or for temporary holiday decorating (such as setting up a ?Haunted House? for Halloween), you should never undertake a major kitchen remodeling as a solo task. Unless you are a professionally trained building contractor, the amount of work and time involved in a kitchen remodel is simply too enormous for you to handle on your own.

When you contact Striking Remodels by Bell for kitchen remodeling work, you will receive the complete package: remodelers who handle everything from the initial design concepts, through the plumbing and electrical installation, to laying down new countertops. Whatever type of kitchen remodel you want done, you can trust to our skilled team. We have handled many kitchen remodels in Wheat Ridge, CO and the surrounding areas.

The extent of kitchen remodeling

A kitchen remodel can be limited to putting in new cabinets, installing replacement fixtures, and repiping the plumbing; or it can encompass every aspect of the room. But no matter the size of the project, kitchen remodeling is a major job that requires skilled professionals.

Take the plumbing, for example. This is the essential element of a kitchen: without water flowing in and out of it, the room serves no purpose. The amount of water that a kitchen uses on a daily basis is immense, and the various appliances hooked to the water supply are also complicated. Only licensed plumbers with years of training can handle the plumbing work necessary for even a small kitchen remodeling job.

When it comes to design, even the act of laying down the countertops is a major event. At Striking Remodels by Bell, we only allow the actual fabricators of the countertop and glass material to install their products to make sure they do not sustain any damage. This is not an area for amateur ?trial-and-error?!

Perhaps the most difficult part of kitchen remodeling is getting all the segments to work together effectively: plumbing, electricity, design. Mistakes in remodeling can means years of leaky pipes, malfunctioning fixtures, and emergency repairs. It can also mean an unpleasant-looking final product. You should only trust work that requires this much coordination and skill to a contractor with a wide breadth of experience in multiple fields.

Kitchen remodels in Wheat Ridge, CO (or anywhere else) are difficult?but they don?t have to be difficult for you.

When you contact Striking Remodels by Bell for your kitchen remodel, you will have one of the most experienced remodeling teams available handling each step of the process. Call us today!