How can I make my kitchen look better?
November 29, 2022

How can I make my kitchen look better?

New kitchen design trends showcase functional designs alongside creative color palettes and modern, energy-efficient upgrades. A kitchen upgrade can help you maximize your home’s value or create a more functional, customized space for your family.

The following ideas can give you a creative boost if you’re looking to take the next step towards kitchen remodels in Denver, CO.

Boost value with flooring options

Outdated flooring options can leave your kitchen looking washed out and grimy

Keep things fresh and fortified with durable options like engineered hardwood, laminate, or stone. Consider a flooring option with plenty of customization, colors, and patterns like ceramic or tile. 

Updating kitchen flooring is one of the easiest ways to boost your home’s value. 

Try modern fixtures

If your kitchen hasn’t had an update in a few decades, it probably needs a refresh. Fixtures are an easy way to modernize your kitchen aesthetic. 

Drawer pulls, lighting fixtures, plumbing, and the hood range are all areas to focus on here. Try modern metals like copper or brushed gold for an elegant look or stainless steel or matte aluminum for a sleek upgrade. 

Upgrade older countertops

There is an endless variety of new countertop options to choose from for your kitchen. Say goodbye to outdated vinyl surfaces or tile-and-grout — you’d be amazed at the modern countertop materials that are durable, affordable, and aesthetically-pleasing. 

From the up-and-coming soapstone and quartz options to the time-honored marble, wood, and granite, choose what works best for your workspace and lifestyle.

Consider energy-efficient appliances

Replacing your older appliances isn’t just for the “aesthetic.” Modernizing your appliances can actually save you more money on your utility bills while benefiting the earth. 

Newer appliances also break down less and include parts that are easier to replace if they do require repair. Replace those older appliances with new-and-improved versions for a more modern look that benefits your wallet over time. 

Brighten it up with new lighting 

Lighting can definitely affect the overall mood of a space — and the kitchen is no exception. Don’t let your kitchen lighting become an afterthought. Brighten up your space or create a brand-new ambiance with new lighting options that make your kitchen even more versatile. 

For the home entertainer, a light dimmer can introduce a whole new vibe to the party. Recessed lighting provides extra brightness without overwhelming from above. A pendant light can illuminate a cozy breakfast nook or kitchen prep area. Lighting is one of the most impactful ways to customize your kitchen, so don’t let this one slide!

Ready to make your kitchen look even better with impactful design choices, modern upgrades, and customizable color options? Contact Striking Kitchen + Bath by Bell to get started.