Hanging on the Edge: Your Granite Countertop Edge Choices
May 11, 2015

Hanging on the Edge: Your Granite Countertop Edge Choices

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to installing granite countertops: the size of the space you are covering, the type of granite you want, and lastly, what you want the edges to look like. It may seem like a small decision, but the style of your granite countertop edges can affect functionality, style and in some cases, even safety. When you work with the experts from Striking Remodels by Bell, you don?t have to worry about choosing the wrong type of edge for your new kitchen countertops. We?ll review your choices with you, explain the pros and cons, and give our suggestions as to what best fits your home. Kitchen remodels are a lot of work and money, so let our specialists help make sure yours looks just as you want it to.

Types of Edges

There are 8 main types of edge options for granite countertops:

  • Flat ? this type of edge is a simple rectangular shape with slight rounding at the corners.
  • Full Bull-Nosed ? this edge is a fully-rounded, smooth edge.
  • Eased ? eased edges are like flat edges, but the rounding on the corners is more substantial.
  • Reverse Bevel ? a bevel is a cut that corners in a round shape but then moves in a diagonal line.
  • Radius ? a radius edge is a full round edge, but it isn?t a full circle.
  • ? Bevel ? this type of bevel cut is a small, diagonal cut on a corner, kind of like cutting the corner off a piece of paper.
  • Ogee ? these cuts are at the end of a piece of granite, and are a curvy cut.
  • Cove ? a cover as a semi-circular cut into the corner of the granite edge.

As you can see, there are many choices available for homeowners when it comes to granite edges, and our experts are here to help you determine which is best for your kitchen in Denver, CO. Call us today and schedule an appointment!