Getting to the Heart of Kitchen Remodels
October 10, 2022

Getting to the Heart of Kitchen Remodels

A great kitchen redesign starts with understanding function and livability for the heart of the home. A kitchen remodel, however, is not one size fits all. The first step is identifying how you, the homeowner, uses the space. 

While beautiful aesthetics are what most visitors see, a successful kitchen remodel is much more than skin deep. To create a functional remodel, a kitchen designer must understand how customers use the space, and how a new design can better fit their lifestyle. This includes reviewing questions like will the space be used for heavy or light cookers? Will it be a space for entertaining? What are the storage requirements? Above all, how will the users move through the space to make the layout functional and purposeful? 

Case Study: Tradition with a Twist, Littleton CO

In the 10 years the homeowners have been in their home, they’ve been unhappy with the flow and functionality of the kitchen. Looking to the future and towards retirement, they wanted a space to enjoy over the next 10 years. While the space would be tailored to the homeowners’ specific needs, they were also thinking of the added value to their home and made selections that would transfer to subsequent homeowners in the future, since a well-designed kitchen remodel can recoup up to 80% of the cost when selling a home.

While the footprint of the kitchen remained the same, the upper cabinets that divided the kitchen from the adjacent family room were removed, connecting the two spaces and providing an unobstructed view and pathway into the kitchen. The doorway into the kitchen from the hallway was removed, adding wall space for double ovens and plenty of added storage for the many kitchen gadgets used by these avid chefs. The centralized island created a large prep-space which faces the glass door with a view to the beautiful backyard.


“To create a functional remodel, the designer must understand how the customers’ are currently using the space, and how the new design can better fit their needs and lifestyle.”

The tailored, subtle details of the maple cabinets in this new kitchen provide just the right

amount of visual interest, updating the space while incorporating some of the traditional design elements in the house. The remodel opened the kitchen to the adjoining family room, creating an inviting space for family dinners and gatherings.

Kitchen Design Features

  1. Kemper Maple. Willowby Door Style in Colt Stain Cabinets
  2. Countertops in Cambria Berwyn quartz neutral colors compliment the cabinets
  3. A neutral MSI Domino Inverted Bevel backsplash to allow the other materials to shine
  4. Double wall ovens provide additional cooking capability 
  5. Corner appliance garage stores unsightly appliances for clutter-free counters
  6. Utility organizer cabinets keep snacks and doggie treats close but hidden


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