Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Vanity
June 29, 2015

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom remodeling isn?t just about making your bathroom look better; it?s also about making it function better. Part of better functionality is taking advantage of the opportunity to update fixtures like your bathroom vanity so that they offer you and your family what you need. While aesthetics are certainly part of choosing your new vanity, you?ll want to keep these other factors in mind:

Who Is Using This Bathroom?

There?s a big difference in usage between a hallway powder room and a bathroom for a family of four. If the bathroom you are remodeling is being used for your entire family, you are going to want a vanity countertop that can withstand lots of usage for a long time while being attractive and low-maintenance. You may also want to consider a double vanity so there are two sinks available for usage.

Choose the Right Size

For some, the vanity is the place for bathroom item storage; for others, it isn?t. If you are looking for your vanity to provide enough storage, you are going to need something with some size to it ? make sure you?ve got the room! If your bathroom can?t accommodate the size of the vanity you want, try to get creative so you do have enough storage space as well as a worthwhile vanity.

Do You Have to Make Plumbing Adjustments?

If your bathroom remodel involves moving plumbing or needing to increase the existing plumbing to accommodate for the new, bigger fixtures being installed, make sure you hire a professional plumber who will do the work correctly. Many times a new vanity will have a bigger footprint than the original, so it?s important to make sure your plumbing matches the new vanity.

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